Last week we looked at comparing pet insurance providers in the UK, however this week I thought we would look at the benefits of getting insurance for our pets.

Our pets are part of the family and we would be devastated if anything would happen to them. Therefore that is why it is essential to keep them protected in case something were to happen and those unexpected costs arise. Two-thirds of households in Australia own a pet such as a dog or car, however many do not have pet insurance. Therefore I have put this guide together to show you the benefits of getting pet insurance and what is recommended to be as the top 10 pet insurance providers to use for Australia.

Having pet insurance will leave you with piece of mind in case the day comes when you might need treatment for them in case of an accidentscreen-shot-2016-08-18-at-11-01-23-am or injury. . Along with paying any veterinary bills lot of pet insurance providers can also give you other benefits such as the loss or theft of your pet. If you pet were to go missing or someone were to steal your pet, then many pet insurance providers can help with advertising costs to find them. Check the pet insurance provider you are looking at beforehand to see if this is something you would like to be included.
Some good polices with pet insurance providers will also pay for treatment for your pets behavioral problems. So if your dog is playing up and you need help to keep him in line, then having pet insurance policy will cover this could be beneficial for you.

Liability cover is also a good to have just in case in the unfortunate event that you need to legally pay for costs that your pet may be responsible for. There are various different levels of cover for this as well from third party to full comprehensive. Check with the pet insurer you are looking for more details.

So which pet insurance provider should you go for? A handy website I found for finding thbow-wow-meow-pet-insurance-logo-largee best insurance providers in Australia is I particularly like this site as they show the benefits and disadvantages of the top insurance providers on the market. Additionally once you find a particular pet insurance provider that you would like to use, they also have a page stating all the offers that the pet insurance providers have when signing up.