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5 Tips for Easier Travelling with Dogs 

Travelling with dogs is a bit like travelling with young children.  Most are perfectly OK with the process, but even so it can go a whole lot more smoothly if you work your trip around their needs.  Even short trips can benefit from a bit of preparation and the longer the planned trip, the more helpful advance planning can be.  Here are 3 top tips (and a bonus tip) for pleasant and safe car trips for you and your dog.

Use a pet carrier

Pet carriers are the equivalent of car seats for children.  They hold your pet securely and comfortably in the car.  This has two benefits.  Firstly it reduces their ability to distract you when you are driving.  Secondly in the event of an accident, their safety is vastly increased.  These days most people have grasped the idea that seat belts need to be worn on short trips and young children always need to be in car seats, no matter how little time they spend in the car.  Pet carriers should be thought of in the same terms – check out for great reviews on these carriers.

Splash-proof dog bowl

If your dog is likely to make anything more than the occasional, short trip in the car, a splash-proof bowl is probably a good investment.  Ordinary bowls can be something of a liability in cars as it is so easy for the movement of the car to make them spill their contents.  This can result in a wet dog, wet bedding and wet seats.  Splash-proof bowls are designed to keep the water where it is supposed to be even if the driver turns a corner or has to brake suddenly.  This means that the dog can have water available at all times, rather than having to wait for proper rest stops.

Large microfibre car-cleaning cloths

These are essentially the same as the microfibre towels sold to backpackers – only usually they’re a whole lot cheaper and they have a wide range of pet-friendly uses.  The obvious one is if your dog gets wet when out of the car.  It can be uncomfortable for a dog to sit in a car with wet hair (much the same as it is for humans).  Using a hair dryer on a dog in a car is usually rather impractical (if the dog will let you do it at all) but a good, brisk rub with a microfibre towel can shift a lot of water.  They can also go on the base of pet carriers, in case of accidents and if there is an accident anywhere, they are great for clearing up.

For longer trip

For longer trips, it’s a good idea to pack a copy of your dog’s medical details in paper form (as opposed to just an electronic copy on a smartphone).  You also want to double-check their ID tag (and if they don’t have one, then it would be advisable to buy one) to ensure that the details are up to date.  If your dog wanders off in an unfamiliar place, you stand a far higher chance of

getting them back quickly if the person who finds them just has to call your mobile quickly.  Likewise ensure that the details on their microchip are also up to date.

Turn to Pet sitting in Portland

Traditionally pet owners would put their dogs in a kennel whilst they went away, whether it was a family holiday or just an overnight stay for work this was seen the common place to take your dog. But kennels are very noisy for our pets and and can become distressing for them, especially if they already suffer from anxiety issues.

It also appears that more recently dog kennels are becoming less and less popular as many pet lovers are increasingly seeing their dog as part of the family and would like their dog to have the same routine when they are away as they do when they are home. Long are also the days when pet owners would keep their dogs tied up in a dog kennel in the back garden but now sleep in luxury dog beds during the night inside the house, with even some dogs being fortunate to sleep in the same bed as their dog owner.

So we have discovered pet parents want this same treatment of love and attention and as result services such as pet sitting is becoming increasingly popular with these pet lovers. One pet sitting service I have come across is Abercrombowwow & Bitch. They are based in the Portland area and they come highly recommended to use if you live in the area. This company in particular knows how significant your pet is and understands how important they are to your family, just the same as a child is part of the family. During their time looking after your dog they do their utmost best to treat them like their own, giving you extra piece of mind than if they were staying in a dog kennel.

Dog walking is also on our minds when in the hands of others, especially if they are staying at dog kennels as they tend to go out in big groups. However Abercrombowwow & Bitch pride themselves on not walking multiple client dogs at once and will only walk your dog/s at one time. Thus giving your dog their full attention whilst out on a walk. Plus you never have to worry your dog’s water bowl going dry as they consistently checked.

You might think that there is a catch to pet sitting and it will cost proportionately more than sending them to a dog kennels, however it is not. It is actually pretty reasonable to hire a pet sitter and Abercrombowwow & Bitch is no exception. Their rates are reasonable and are highly recommended to use if you are planning a trip away.

Take a look at their facebook page here.

Holiday with your dog and a guide to choose pet friendly hotel

For the majority of pet owners, especially cat and dog owners, we consider them as an extension of our own family. We love our pets as much as we love our human family, and we spend just as much time around our pets as we do our children, so why shouldn’t we take them on vacation with us too? For many years it was almost impossible to take our pets with us on vacation, as there just wasn’t the amenities available to us like we have today.

Many families in the past have had to make the decision to leave their beloved pets behind when preparing to go on vacation. Leaving pets with a kennel can be extremely expensive, and there is always the risk of our dog or cat picking up a virus while staying with other animals. You could also be taking a risk when taking on a house sitter, or dog walker while you are away. In addition, you cannot guarantee they will stick to the schedule you want them too, and they too can be expensive.

Now we have a much better choice regarding our pets, and we can actually take them with us. Taking your pet on vacation means that you won’t miss them for two weeks or more. Furthermore, you can enjoy your holiday more with your furry friend along, and they won’t be pining for their owners and getting stressed, or be open to diseases or viruses. More, and more hotels have seen the benefits in allowing their customers to bring their pets along and realizing that many families have pets now, they have changed their policies to allow this, although there are still limitations in place depending on the hotel.

How Do I Find A Pet Friendly Hotel?

This is much easier than it sounds because of the availability of the internet and websites. Virtually all hotels, and hotel chains have websites now, so the first thing you should do when booking your vacation is to check out their website. Many hotels will show an icon showing that pets are allowed, or information will be listed under the FAQ section of the site, under the Policy section, or Amenities. An easier option is to visit a dog friendly hotel website: They provide large selection on pet friendly hotel around the world and stuffed with useful information for pet owner. For example you can see dog friendly hotels in Rome. It is worth checking out several hotels in your destination as, for every one that doesn’t accept pets, there will be one that does.

How Do I Find a Pet Friendly Tour?

Depending on where you get your travel information, whether it be a brochure, website or advertisement, they will generally state if they are pet friendly. You can also search different travel directories, or pick up a copy of “Traveling with your pet”, which is produced by the AAA. Whichever destination you choose for your next vacation, it will be worth looking at pet friendly hotels in that area to see if they meet all your requirements, so you can have that extra family member along with you on your next trip.