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Never let your pet mark the same spot again with Get Serious! Pet Odour 

Introducing a pet to the family can be a fun and exciting time. However training of a new pet such as a cat or dog can be tricky and take a lot of work especially if they are babies. There tends to many accidents before pet owners actually get their pet trained to go and do their business at the right place.

The issue that many pet owners face during this process is reminding their pet that they are not allowed to do their business in that spot. Once a dog  or cat has soiled or peed in a certain spot, they tend to re-visit that area and do it in the same place in order to re-mark their spot. This is something that is their natural instinct in cats and dogs and something they cannot help but do. However this can leave a lot of pet owners frustrated as their odour often leave smells on their carpet or rugs they are unable to get rid of. This can then sometimes result in them giving up the pet and unfortunately taking them down the shelter.

However a new product designed in the United Stated may have the answer to these issues that pet owners face and may actually lead to happier relationships between pets and their owner. As a result this could lead to a decrease in amount of animals ending up in shelters across the country.

The product is called Get Serious! and has been designed for both cats and dogs. The Get Serious! pet odour works by extracting the pheromone scent that actually attracts animals to as well as cleaning the marked area to get rid of the smell us humans pick up on. Currently this is the only cleaner on the market that can do this and is truly revolutionary for pet owners. Since launching this product, the product has had some fantastic reviews from its customers.  411mp58eell-_sy355_

Nursekitty from Tacoma says “This is the best stuff EVER!! Gets out vomit, pee, and poop. Gets rid of all the smells, and no residue! Works great even on white carpet!!! ”

Another customer from Redding says “I won’t use anything but this product to remove pet stains. I first started using this to remove cat vomit. Now I found this is the only product that removes both cat and dog vomit. I don’t even bother with any other product. I don’t even mind paying postage to have it shipped. ”

The product is very reasonably priced and available from a number of sites including Doctors Fosters and Smith. You can purchase Get Serious! for cats here and also for dogs here. However if you are interested in stocking the product you can contact them directly through their website at

Would like to bring your pet to life?

Whether we have a cat or a dog, we all love our pets dearly. I know owning two doggie’s myself they are my world. As a result I am dreading that day, when they have to move on in the world and go to doggie heaven.
I have always thought it would be great to have memorabilia of them, of course we can have photos of them as keepsake, however having additional keepsakes would be a great added benefit. Especially as talking to family and friends they have always felt the same way. After all our pets are part of the family and when they pass away and its like loosing part of the family.

Therefore wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a replica of your pet as toy to remind you of them? As well as it being nice for you, I think it is a great family remembrance especially for small children who might find the death of a pet more difficult.

So with this in mind I recently came across a place that do just this. KidsCreationToLife offer replicas of your pet through a plush toy. They bring your dog to life through a photo of them. The process works by simply sending the company photoS of your pet and once ordered the waiting begins. Once completed they will send you a handmade 16″ plush toy replicated as your pet. You also have the option of choosing whether you would like your plush to be sitting, standing or laying down, which is brilliant!
KidsCreationToLife have also had some great feedback from customers on their plush toys as well. One customer wrote “Very well made! Stuffed so it is soft to hug, and perfect colours! Arrived very quickly, and was very much worth the price!”

Therefore if you have a dog that has recently passed away and would like something cosy that all the family can uses a remembrance, then I would definitely recommend doing this.


Finding a Cozy Pet Bed for Xmas

So its that time of year again and we are all asking the question, what are best gifts available on the market to purchase for our furry friends? As the pet industry continues to grow this year more owners are buying gifts for their precious pooches more than ever. Therefore I have compiled a list of what I think are the latest products to purchase for your dog this Xmas.

On the top of most doggie lists is a new bed! Dog beds make a great gift for dogs this time of year, as it is always nice to have a cosy bed for our dogs to sleep in during the cold winter weather.

So where are the best places to purchase new dog beds for our pets? There are many fab places where you can get high quality as well as fashionable dog beds for your dog, however one place I found who have a really nice collection of dog beds is Cozy Cluddlerz.    envelope_tan-2-400x267

Many Dogs like a save place to rest and feel safe. Therefore the envelope cuddler pet bed makes this a perfect safe haven bed for your little pooch or puppy, as it offers inner-carved plush fleece inside for them to snuggle into get cozy.

For more full sized smaller and medium sized breeds then I recommend the Bold Coduroy pet bed as they offer sizes up to 31 inches and are made up of PV fleece style cushion, making this pet bed very snug and warm for your little pooch this winter.

However if you are looking to give your dog a bit of extra luxury this year, then I would recommend taking a look at the Luxurious linen pet bed. Although this bed is a little more than the other pet beds in store, it is still a very reasonable price. What more it offers your dog a more luxurious feel as the inner material is made from Jacquard Flannel. This pet bed is a favorite of mine and adds that certain upmarket feel to your home as well being a higher quality fabric for your furry friend to enjoy. download-10

Lastly on my list of dog beds to purchase for your pooch this Xmas, is the Orthopedic dog bed. This bed is designed for the comfort of an older dog. Therefore if you dog is now getting to that age and he / she is starting to limp a bit more, especially after a run about. Then this would be the perfect pet bed for them, as it would give them that extra bit of comfort and therefore allowing them the rest they need.

In addition to the dog beds mentioned above Cosy Cuddlez also offer a huge range of cat beds, so if you also have cat as part of your family, take a look at their cosy range.

In addition take a look at their facebook page to see all the latest range of products and offers:

Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter

When planning a trip away you can’t always take your pet/s away with you. As a result pet owners need to decide the place and person to look after their belovered cat or dog.
Traditionally if owners are planning a holiday they will look at using a boarding kennel for their pet to stay at whilst travelling. However many pet owners are opting to hire professional pet sitters instead and there are many benefits for doing this.
Having a pet sitter come to your home can be of great comfort for your animal and can be a lot less stressful than the environment of a kennel, where for a lot of dogs and cats it can be a distressing place. Especially if your pet is already nervous about being in surroundings that are unfamiliar with a lot of noise from other animals, such as barking dogs throughout the day and night. pet sitting marco island

The benefits of using a pet sitter means your pet can keep to their routine at home for feeding time or bathroom breaks for example, therefore minimising their distress. Many kennels run the risk of your pet getting kennel cough, as a result having a pet sitter come to your home whilst your away avoids this. Pet sitters give more attention to your dog and or cat whilst you away, a lot more than attention than they would get if they were at a kennel.

When choosing a pet sitter, it is essential to select a trustworthy pet sitting service. Canine Casbah who offer Pet Sitting Marco Island in Florida, know how important it is to look after your pet just the way you would whilst you are away. They strive to keep your dog as comfy as possible, all from the safety of your own home. Canine Casbah offer a meet and greet service too as no extra charge. There they go through all specific needs that pet owners want as well as taking detailing instructions for their pet. It is also a great way for your pet and the pet sitter to meet beforehand. I really like what this company have to offer and highly recommend using their pet sitting service if you are based in Marco Island.

Also take a look at their Facebook page to keep up to date their offers and their latest news.

The DexDog EZHarness is the latest technology of Pet Harnesses

dexdog ezharness

Having a dog is a great addition to the family and taking your dog for a walk can be a great way to get some exercise without overexerting yourself and therefore brilliant for keeping yourself healthy.  Therefore great for pushing you to go for that walk even if you are tired after a long day at work. In addition it is gives you and your dog a chance to bond together against other distractions that may occur in our busy lives.

However sometimes owners need a little helping hand when taking their dogs on a walk, as not all dogs walk nicely on a lead and may need the help of a harness. To stop their dogs from pulling, some owners opt to purchase a step-in harness to help with this issue.  The step in dog harness is designed for easy on and off use, as well as also allowing the dog comfort during his / her walk. The step-in harness allows owners to lay the harness down on the ground so dogs can step in and then have the harness pull up and around the dogs shoulders to then be clipped into place.

However the problem with step-in harnesses is that they can become quite fiddly foDexDog Ezharnessr dog owners to take on and off. One company that may have solved this problem is DexDog. DexDog have designed a dog harness called DEXDOG EZHARNESS. The harness offers an easy on and off solution which just takes seconds to put on. This allows owners and dogs a stress free experience when putting on the harness before a walk. After all many dogs are usually quite tense and excited before their walk anyway, therefore the quicker the harness can be put on, the better.

The DexDog EZHarness is also great for if you find your dog gets irritation from the harness they may be currently using. The DexDog has been especially designed for great comfort too. Plus the best part about the DexDog EzHarness is that it offers a reflective strap. So if owners are used to taking out their dog after work, then this is the perfect harness. Especially as the nights are now drawing in for winter.

They have also had some great reviews from customers too.

Jerry says “This is the iPhone of dog harnesses. It is THE one I have been looking for. Does not slip around or chafe. Also makes a canine fashion statement. Great quality. Thank you DEXDOG for making the dog harness of my dreams! I have been searching for years.”

Check them out here:

Dog Joint Care – 4 Ways You Can Help Your Dog

To keep your pet dog as happy always, joint care is essential. If your dog is already experiencing joint pain, or is at high risk of doing so (overweight, large, misshapen, or extremely active), the following 4 dog joint care tips should help you and your buddy out tremendously.

1.Massage and acupressure. A little goes a long way. A quick little massage of the muscles surrounding the joints will relieve a lot of tension. If your dog is already experiencing joint stiffness or pain, or if your dog has arthritis, give more attention to the affected joint. A nice one or two-minute massage around the joint (but never ON the joint) will work wonders! Another cool secret is acupressure. Simply lay your dog down and squeeze his/her Achilles’ heel using your thumb on one side and middle finger on the other. 30 to 60 seconds will have your dog blissed out!

2.Diet and exercise. Feed your dog healthy, natural food with a glucosamine supplement for joints. This will help your dog build strong cartilage. Spending a little extra money on high-quality dog food can save you a fortune in vet bills down the road. Light exercise will keep your dog’s joints lubricated and will also serve to manage his/her weight. It has been proven time and time again that there is a direct correlation between your dog’s weight and joint challenges.

3.Avoid chemical medications. Pain meds like acetaminophen and aspirin can toxify your dog’s system, paving the way for additional health problems. Instead, use a homeopathic supplement to stop pain, promote flexibility, restore lubrication, and prevent swelling.

4.Feed your dog natural and fresh food as much as possible. Diet is a very important factor in developing arthritis. Proper nutrients are needed for healthy growth and development of your dog’s joints and bones. Sadly, most commercial dog foods lack these necessary nutrients. This is why it is recommended that dogs be fed with fresh and natural foods whenever you can. This is the best way to ensure that your dog is getting the proper nutrients and avoiding the chemicals and preservatives that are usually found in commercial dog foods.


By doing these four things, you and your dog will both be very pleased with the results. Dog joint care is not difficult. Just a few small changes and a bit of TLC will work wonders. This should save you a lot of heartache and money down the line!

Choosing a toy for your German Shepherd

We all like to buy our dogs special treats and toys for our dogs are usually top of this list. However when you spending a lot of cash on toy for your dog then you want to make sure it is doing to be a great toy. Especially if you have a larger dog breed such as the popular German Sheppard dog which is one of America’s top dogs to have.  For good reason to as the German Sheppard is a clever and are competent working dogs. With their devoted dedicated it is no wonder they are used as working dogs for the police and the military as they ar brilliant for training and extremely well in any task they are given from search and rescue to sniffing our drugs for them. On top of this German Sheppard’s are also very loving and faithful dogs which also makes them a great family pet.

But all hard working German Sheppard’s need a break once and while, and whatever better way than to give them a well deserved toy as a treat. However finding the right type of toy for your German Sheppard can be tricky. One best way to get around this is to look at reviews and a great sites for looking at toys is The top 3 products they currently review are Tennis Ball Launcher Dog Toy , four interactive rope dog toys and raccoon stuffingless dog toy.

The tennis ball launcher dog toy is an astonishing toy that will give your German shepherd hours of playtime. The launcher comes with two balls however you do lose the balls you will be able to replace it with tennis balls. The balls can fly up to 35 feet making it a great fun workout for your dog and currently German-Shepherd-Toys-featured-300x200has a five star rating.

The second toy on offer for review is the four interactive rope dog’s toys. This is an ideal toy for a strong dog like a German shepherd and are is astoundingly strong but is safe enough to prevent choking and teething problems.

The third toy is a raccoon stuffingless dog toy is great 18 inch cheap toy for larger dogs and unlike other stuffed animals that might leave a mess this toy is durable and resilient.

The link to purchase all three of these products is available on the German Shepherd Toys website.

Latest Innovation in the Pet Industry: The Torus Drinking Bowl

As pet lovers we all think about what is best for our pets and what are the best products to purchase for our pets. This includes the most basic of items; their drinking bowls and the latest invention from Torus might just have the ultimate pet drinking bowl for your dog or cat.

Pet Professionals ltd was established in 2003 and they believe in doing their best to be the most innovative company in the pet industry and strive to produce the best products for pet owners. Their latest design is the Torus drinking bowls and it may just be the answer that many pet lovers have been looking for to solve simple issues they may have with their current dog bowls.

The Torus dog bowl is designed to give pet owners the convenience of giving fresh water to your dog or cat throughout the day, as the bowl has been created to automatically replenish itself. Therefore you can rest assure that your dog is having water at regular intervals whilst you are at work! Perfect right?

This latest innovation is not just good for giving your dog fresh clean drinking water when you are not in the house but is also brilliant for those trips with your dog. It can be quite difficult to keep your dog hydrated whilst on the move but the Torus drinking bowl has solved this problem. The bowl also benefits from having non-spill feature where you can simply just lock the reservoir and take it with you, without the worry of water spilling bcc92832592e59d2acaed3eab2e465baeverywhere during your journey. For added bonus the bowl is also practical to take on journeys weighing just 2.5lbs. There is also a range of colours for you to choice from so you can pick a blue colour for your prince if you like. There are also specific instructions on how to use the Torus Bowl via their website here in the event you do get stuck using your bowl.

The Torus water bowl has been a huge a success and has been a number one best seller on Amazon USA.  One customer: Sophie says: “I love this dog bowl! I’m a very proud dog mummy to 8 beautiful dogs that range in size from 3kg to just over 50kg, I have probably spent more money on water bowls/water fountains than any other sane person but after buying a very large water fountain from America that didn’t work and cost a fortune. I bought this and it’s STUNNING! I’m incredibly house proud and it doesn’t drip or spill, my biggest dog can’t splash water everywhere and my smallest dog can still use it. It’s great in the car and for trips and its sturdy and very well made. I now have 4 and love them all!”

With many other customers saying they have been very happy with the product and their service! You can order your Torus Bowl via their website:

Top 6 – Christmas Pet Gift Guide

dog clothes

It’s that time of year again….yes everyone it is Christmas time again! Where has the year gone?? I know what you thinking….what I am going to get the dog this year for Christmas! Well don’t worry Morgan’s Dog Boutique are here to help.

We have put together the top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Dog for Christmas 2015!

6. Luxury Red Christmas Dog Harness – A Luxury Fur lined dog harness in a red tartan checked pattern. The harness offers a super snug faux fur lining making it a perfect Christmas present for your outfit during this years cold winter months. The harness also has a double D-ring for extra security.

Luxury red tartan dog harness
Luxury Red Tartan Dog Harness – £24.95 Free UK Delivery

5. Red Tartan Dog Coat – This red tartan dog coat is fleece lined and also has a fleece collar, which will aid your dog keeping him/her snug, warm and comfortable this winter. Making it a great Christmas present for those cold winter walks this year. The coat fastens with popper buttons which makes it easy to dress or undress your dog also the coat has a hole in the collar to allow a lead to be attached or a harness to be worn underneath. Fab product!

Dog clothes
Red Tartan Dog Coat £23.50 Free UK Delivery

4. Burgundy Slumber Dog Bed – Is last years dog bed falling apart? If so this fabulous cosy Burgundy Slumber dog bed could be the answer. The bed is made from a soft damson fabric (great quality), making it the perfect gift for your dog this Christmas.

dog bed
Burgundy Slumber Dog Bed from £24.99 Free UK Delivery

3. Cheetah Dog Onesie – Christmas is not complete without your very own onesie! Well this gorgeous snug dog onesie is number 3 on our Christmas pet gift guide! Brilliant for those cosy nights in during the cold weather. The onesie also benefits from an adjustable elasticated at the underside, allowing your pet to gain the best comfort.

dog onesie
Cheetah Dog Onesie £14.99 Free UK Delivery

2. Personalised Wooden Dog Toy – Does your dog have too many toys? Not sure what to do with them? Get this fabulous handmade in the UK wooden toy box for your do. Can be painted in any colour you wish, making a great Christmas present for your dog this year, definitely a number two on the Christmas wish list for Santa.

personalised dog toy box
Personalised Wooden Dog Toy Box £25.99 Free UK Delivery

1. Santa Christmas Dog Coat…..And the number one spot of course goes to this adorable Santa Christmas Dog Coat to get them in the festive spirit of Christmas this year! This coat benefits from being lined with a cosy white fleece giving it that authentic Santa look.  The coat also has a very cute felt belt and gorgeous pom pom on the hood completing the Santa look.

dog clothes
Santa Christmas Dog Coat – £19.95

Well that’s our top 6 Christmas Gift Guide for your dogs this Christmas from Morgan’s Dog Boutique, although we offer much more adorable Christmas Dog Outfits and Christmas Gifts for your dog this year. Take a full range of Christmas products here. You might also benefit from Christmas Clothes section where we supply Christmas dog outfits from top UK dog designer Urban Pup.

Happy Shopping and have a magical woof Christmas!


By Sian Morgan

Twitter: @morgansdogbout


Celebrating Halloween in Style with your Dog – including a HOWL-O-WEEN competition

Whether we are children or Adults, we all like to get involved at Halloween and enjoy dressing up as spooky characters whether it is a chance to dress up as a funky Devil or maybe a famous dead celebrity. But what about our much loved pets? Surely they don’t like to miss out on the fun too!

At Morgan’s Dog Boutique we offer a range of fancy Halloween dog costumes and dog treats especially for your dog! From Trick or Treat Dog T-shirts to Ghostly dog PupPop treats. See the range here.


To also celebrate Halloween in true fashion we are giving one lucky pawesome reader the chance to win their own Halloween Dog Gift Set. Handmade treats created right here in the UK by Pupcakes.

The Halloween dog gift set includes:

Each Set includes:

2 x Packs of Halloween shaped dog biscuits – Either Bats, Bones or Spider biscuits.
2 x Halloween themed PupPops – Spider or Ghost PupPop Treats.

To enter the competition just like, share and comment “HOWL=OWEEN” via our competition post via our facebook page. Closing date 23rd October 2015. See full details here: