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What are the Advantages of Dog Shock Collars? 

Shock collars are believed to be easy ways to teach obedience to dogs, and make them act in a desirable and socially acceptable way. A shock collar for large dogs may be necessary when a dog has a severe behavioural problem. These are usually designed not to cause harm or damage to pets in any manner. When used properly, these devices can work fast and can help you to see results almost immediately – allowing you to train your dog in just a few weeks. Find out about some of the main advantages of using dog shock collars to know why you should use one for your pet.


High working range

Many of the heavy-duty collars come with a larger working range, up to 600 yards, and you can provide your dog with basic commands in this range. If you would not like to train your pet in a small space that would cloister it, and would love to have it roam a bigger area, you can get this type of collar. It is always advisable to train pets over a larger area than keeping them restricted and cloistered in a narrow region.


Easy training

The collars can be used for continuous correction or pulse correction. In other words, your dog can be corrected for as long you keep the button pressed. You can get collars with varied intensity levels and these can help warn dogs when they commit any mistakes. For stubborn or bigger dogs, collars with higher shock levels work the best.


Varied correction capabilities

These collars come with many capabilities, and you can also use them to handle two or more dogs at the same time. This is undoubtedly a lifesaver for pet owners having multiple dogs, but with little time to train them due to a busy lifestyle. These collars come with shock correction feature as well as vibration and beep alert features, and can be used to control dogs one by one or even at the same time. Training dogs simultaneously is obviously more convenient than training them individually. Due to the presence of non-shock correction features, even owners who are hesitant in exposing their loved pets to shocks can rest easy.


Training even in absence

Collars such as Invisible fence collars and Boundary Collars can help you to train your dog even in your absence, disallowing it to go outside home, tearing up the flowerbeds, digging up the yard, jumping on people, barking unnecessarily and more. Even when you are out of home, you can keep your pet restricted to home and make it behave well.


Quick training

The biggest advantage of using dog shock collars is undoubtedly the fact that it can hasten your training process. You will find it convenient to train your pet in a few weeks, rather than wasting

months in the same process. If you use the proper collar and implement the right training techniques, you can easily be able to get your pet trained without having it harmed during the process. Many dog owners have expressed satisfaction that the training time for their dogs has been reduced by a third or more. For more information, check out

New Pet Lost and Found Identification Tag System


The amount of families in the US has increased significantly over recent years, as more of us are opting to add a pet to the family. With most of us choosing a dog or a cat to add to the household. In the US it is estimated that 70-80 million dogs are owned as well as around 74-96 million cats being owned. This means that approximately 30-47% of all households in the United States will either own a dog or cat.

Pets are becoming increasingly more important to us too and we generally think about ours pets as part of the family. Long are the days when dogs would sleep in the garden, now they are spoilt just as much as kids. This is not surprising, as the American Pet Products Addociation (APPA) has released a statement to say that pet owners in the US are expected to spend on average $60 million on their pets by the end of this year alone. So I think it is safe to say we care about our pets a lot.

So with this huge love we have for our pets, we also think about our pets safety just as much as anyone else in the family and would be extremely devastated if anything were to happen to them. Therefore it is crucial that we put a system in place in the unfortunate event that our pet becomes missing.

One place that you can sign up to in the case your pet goes missing is a new start up called Token Pet. They offer a brilliant pet lost and found system through a unique identification tags online platform.

tokenpetToken Pet have set up a system to drastically reduce the number of alarming lost dogs, cats and other pets you may own, in order to get your pet back to you. In addition to this, the site also offer some helpful online services such as pet education, pet adoption, including the latest advice from vets in the local area. As well as this they post all the local pet events happening up online including latest news and articles on animals. They also have a dedicated section where you can look at pet products and pet reviews from pet brands to allow you to get you a better insight into products before purchasing online.

In addition to this they also have page where they recommend a range of services such as veterinarian providers, dog walkers, breeds, daycare/boarding as well as whole host of other services.

This is a great little site that offers you piece of mind for you and family member, so that if the unthinkable does happen your pet has a unique identification tag in order for you to track them.




Dogs to Folllow on Social Media

With our love for dogs continuing to rise and the social media internet sensation in full swing, it seems that pet owners are putting the two things together so that other dog lovers can share their affection together. That’s right not only are humans having twitter, facebook and instagram pages but dogs too and lucky for us there are more treasured social media accounts dedicated to pets for us to admire than ever before!

The frenzy appeared to start from celebrities who made up social media accounts their dogs, letting dogs tell their story to the world from their own voice, such as chasing the mailman, going on walks or how they felt about their owners taking them to the vets and thus a new era was born.

The trend then continued to take off by other pet owners and back in 2009 a dog called “Boo” starting attracting attention from celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian who named Boo “Worlds Cutest Dog”. This then led Boo to having his own Facebook page which now has over 17 millions likes!

But it hasn’t stopped there and the trend for dogs having their own social media page has just continued to increase. Many pet owners have taken to social media accounts to share the cuteness of their dog to the world. London the Frengle is among these and has his very own Instagram account. LIMG_20160403_215025ondon is a 9 month old French Bulldog X Beagle or AKA a Bengle.  London lives in Denmark with his mom and he thoroughly enjoys his walks in the forest with her, posting selfie’s of himself wherever possible. London is very photogenic and loves to pose for photos for his mom when they are go on outings.  He also loves to play with other dogs and kids of all ages.

I think it is safe to say that London is adorable and has even posted photos of himself at bedtime with a dummy in his mouth; very cute indeed! He also posts videos between him and his mom sharing special bonding time, which is truly delightful. London currently has 4 and half thousand followers with numbers growing on a weekly basis. So if you are drawn into those lovable photos of the ever growing number of cute dogs on social media then London the Frengle and Boo are definitely ones you need to follow!

Crufts celebrate their 125th Anniversary!

It’s that time of the year again where all dog lovers get excited, yes that’s right the annual Crufts show. The show is held at Burmingham NEC from the 10-13th of March 2016 and this year the tension is building with pet owners as crufts celebrate with 125th anniversary!.

Crufts is a celebration of dog. It celebrates the great working dogs, which are fit and healthy enough to follow out the jobs they were originally bred for.Crufts free for editorial use image

The operational and humanitarian action of the year award, the police dog team and hails the hero dogs through the friends for life competition are just some things that Crufts have in store for the pet crazy folk this year. They then celebrate the rescue dogs with a great spectacle, agility competition which involves great speed and agility.

Crufts is also a great place to speak to Kennel Club assured breeders and charity shelters who can offer a great knowledge in buying a dog responsibly in order them train efficiently, walk them and ultimately having the enjoyment of a dog to love.

Let’s not forget the great trade stalls that sell everything from practical dog coats to cool leather dog harnesses as well as dog beds and other much loved pet accessories.

This much loved event is all down to the former founder Charlse Cruft, who after finishing college instead of joining his family jewellery business he took employment with James Spratt who had just set up a new venture in London selling Dog Cakes – yes you heard right! Charlse then took a short time as an apprentice office boy which led him to a promotion as a travelling salesman. This brought Charlse closer to large estates with sporting kennels.

Next his career moved with Spratts to Europe and here in 1878, French dog breeders saw the entrepreneurial talents in Cruft and invited him to help with the promotion of canine section of the Paris Exhibition. Back then he was only two years out of college.

Gwen-BIS-CruftsThen on his return to England in 1886 he took up the management of the Allied Terrier club show which was held at the Royal Aquarium, Westminster. It was in 1891 that the first Cruft’s show was booked into the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington which was later named after Charlse Crufts only to evolve and grow ever since. I think that Mr Cruft would be very impressed by how big and successful his event now is in the UK and around the world.

Exciting times for Morgan’s Dog Boutique

So the last couple of weeks have been amazing for Morgan’s Dog Boutique! Last week we won @Jacqueline_Gold CBE weekly #WOW award, in which we areimages.35 very pleased with and has led to lots more traffic to our website in the past week as well as having gained quite a few more twitter followers to go with it. But most importantly we have the backing of Jacqueline Gold; owner of Ann Summers and Knickerbox and feel very privileged indeed to be joining her Women on Wednesday and look forwardNS_2016_Awards_FinalistBadged to being part of the elite #WOW club.

If that was not exciting enough I have just found out yesterday that I have become a finalist for the Network She Foundation International Women’s Day Awards for 2016.  So I could possibly winning wither Young Business Women of the Year Award and The Women of Influence Award. The event is a black tie event hosted at Llandundo’s Venue Cyrmu on the 4th March 2016. Therefore I need go shopping for a new evening gown in case I need to get up on stage to accept my award. One can only dream!

So all in all 2016 has been a great year so far for Morgan’s Dog Boutique.  I wonder what the rest of the year will bring! #Excited

Our Puggle is potty trained….who knew?!

So we are trying to get our toddler to use the potty however toddlers being toddlers he is refusing to go on the potty and as so far the potty being in the living room has been a waste of time….that is until this morning!

After returning from the school run this morning I walked into the living and noticed a doggy wee smell but couldn’t see anything on the floor until I noticed the potty was full! The Jug had wee’d in the potty, which is actually quite incredible as usually he is more pug minded than Jack Russell mined and what is even more unbelievable there was only a couple of drops on the floor next to it.  I just wish I had caught it on camera so it could have been one of those viral videos!

I have however spent the last hour attempting to get him to do it again so I can capture it on video but I think he assumes he is in trouble, either that or he just doesn’t need to go as it was one big wee!  I did however manage to get a picture of him looking gormless next to the potty – best I could I’m afraid! But I will persist with the puggle potty training!


Helping Dog Charities this Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for many but for some it can by a lonely time. The same could be said for some dogs that don’t have a loving family to look after them this Christmas and this just about breaks my heart. That’s why these dogs need our help more than ever this Christmas so if you are looking to add a dog or new puppy to your family for Christmas why not acquire at rescuing a dog in need.

Many Tears Rescue is a not for profit organisation that was set up to take in and re-home unwanted dogs. This is a great organisation to use if you are looking to re-home a dog this Christmas. They are based in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire (South Wales) but have locations for re-homing dogs all over the UK. See dogs that are in current need of re-homing here and they also have a small number of cats that need to be re-homed.

many tears animal rescue
Many Tears Animal Rescue

Dogs Trust is another not for profit organisation that takes in unwanted dogs needing a home. Their mission is to see that all dogs live a happy life. They have a total of 21 centres across the UK and cared for 16,731 dogs in 2014. You can see the list of the dogs that need a loving home here.

However  if you do not feel ready to re-home a dog this year you can always donate to these organisations and this can be through gifts you are already planning to buy. If you are a looking for a Calendar for the New Year rather than going to your local supermarket to get a calendar for 2016, order a calendar online at Many Tears Rescue for £8 including delivery. See their merchandise page here:  Dogs Trust also offers a range of merchandise available this Christmas including some cute dog Christmas labels. So rather than get your Christmas labels at the local supermarket this year get them from the dogs trust instead and at the same time donate to dogs in need.

Many Tears also rescue dogs from overseas and have a specific donation page where you can give a passport to a dog this Christmas. Defiantly worth a look at here:

Personally the RSPCA is such an important charity as they stop the cruelty of animals across the UK and are proud to be the oldest welfare charity running. They were the first people to actually introduce a law to protect animal and focus all their attention on preventing pain and suffering to animals. The RSPCA really need our help this Christmas and have a “Countdown to Cruelty to Christmas 2015 Appeal”.   So many animals are suffering and by donating to this page it can have a huge impact on saving animals this Christmas and giving them a safe home.  The RSPCA also have a shop where you can buy a range of merchandise such as Christmas Cards and my personal favourite the fun for feet dog slippers for just £14.95!

RSPCA gifts
Fun For Feet Slippers

Although it is not just about donating but you can show your support by volunteering such as dog walking or even fostering a dog. For more information visit here:

Whatever you decide this Christmas please keep these Charities in mind as they are credit to dogs across the UK and they need our help to help these poor animals. Please help save a dog this Christmas!

Top 6 – Christmas Pet Gift Guide

dog clothes

It’s that time of year again….yes everyone it is Christmas time again! Where has the year gone?? I know what you thinking….what I am going to get the dog this year for Christmas! Well don’t worry Morgan’s Dog Boutique are here to help.

We have put together the top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Dog for Christmas 2015!

6. Luxury Red Christmas Dog Harness – A Luxury Fur lined dog harness in a red tartan checked pattern. The harness offers a super snug faux fur lining making it a perfect Christmas present for your outfit during this years cold winter months. The harness also has a double D-ring for extra security.

Luxury red tartan dog harness
Luxury Red Tartan Dog Harness – £24.95 Free UK Delivery

5. Red Tartan Dog Coat – This red tartan dog coat is fleece lined and also has a fleece collar, which will aid your dog keeping him/her snug, warm and comfortable this winter. Making it a great Christmas present for those cold winter walks this year. The coat fastens with popper buttons which makes it easy to dress or undress your dog also the coat has a hole in the collar to allow a lead to be attached or a harness to be worn underneath. Fab product!

Dog clothes
Red Tartan Dog Coat £23.50 Free UK Delivery

4. Burgundy Slumber Dog Bed – Is last years dog bed falling apart? If so this fabulous cosy Burgundy Slumber dog bed could be the answer. The bed is made from a soft damson fabric (great quality), making it the perfect gift for your dog this Christmas.

dog bed
Burgundy Slumber Dog Bed from £24.99 Free UK Delivery

3. Cheetah Dog Onesie – Christmas is not complete without your very own onesie! Well this gorgeous snug dog onesie is number 3 on our Christmas pet gift guide! Brilliant for those cosy nights in during the cold weather. The onesie also benefits from an adjustable elasticated at the underside, allowing your pet to gain the best comfort.

dog onesie
Cheetah Dog Onesie £14.99 Free UK Delivery

2. Personalised Wooden Dog Toy – Does your dog have too many toys? Not sure what to do with them? Get this fabulous handmade in the UK wooden toy box for your do. Can be painted in any colour you wish, making a great Christmas present for your dog this year, definitely a number two on the Christmas wish list for Santa.

personalised dog toy box
Personalised Wooden Dog Toy Box £25.99 Free UK Delivery

1. Santa Christmas Dog Coat…..And the number one spot of course goes to this adorable Santa Christmas Dog Coat to get them in the festive spirit of Christmas this year! This coat benefits from being lined with a cosy white fleece giving it that authentic Santa look.  The coat also has a very cute felt belt and gorgeous pom pom on the hood completing the Santa look.

dog clothes
Santa Christmas Dog Coat – £19.95

Well that’s our top 6 Christmas Gift Guide for your dogs this Christmas from Morgan’s Dog Boutique, although we offer much more adorable Christmas Dog Outfits and Christmas Gifts for your dog this year. Take a full range of Christmas products here. You might also benefit from Christmas Clothes section where we supply Christmas dog outfits from top UK dog designer Urban Pup.

Happy Shopping and have a magical woof Christmas!


By Sian Morgan

Twitter: @morgansdogbout


Celebrating Halloween in Style with your Dog – including a HOWL-O-WEEN competition

Whether we are children or Adults, we all like to get involved at Halloween and enjoy dressing up as spooky characters whether it is a chance to dress up as a funky Devil or maybe a famous dead celebrity. But what about our much loved pets? Surely they don’t like to miss out on the fun too!

At Morgan’s Dog Boutique we offer a range of fancy Halloween dog costumes and dog treats especially for your dog! From Trick or Treat Dog T-shirts to Ghostly dog PupPop treats. See the range here.


To also celebrate Halloween in true fashion we are giving one lucky pawesome reader the chance to win their own Halloween Dog Gift Set. Handmade treats created right here in the UK by Pupcakes.

The Halloween dog gift set includes:

Each Set includes:

2 x Packs of Halloween shaped dog biscuits – Either Bats, Bones or Spider biscuits.
2 x Halloween themed PupPops – Spider or Ghost PupPop Treats.

To enter the competition just like, share and comment “HOWL=OWEEN” via our competition post via our facebook page. Closing date 23rd October 2015. See full details here:




Online dog boutique helps small UK pet designers benefit from rising demand in the market

Online dog boutique helps small UK pet designers benefit from rising demand in the market

Enhanced exposure leads to spike in sales

Considered as a recession proof industry, the UK pet industry is going strong and according to experts will stay strong in the coming years. With more and more pet parents switching to better quality nutrition and apparel along with accessories for their pets, the market demand for specific products like costumes is growing. Morgan’s Dog Boutique, a customer favorite is helping small UK designers foster this growth and improve their earnings.

This dog boutique offers its customers with the choicest pet products emphasizing on variety and affordable pricing. At the same time, the boutique is also responsible for launching many talented designers who today, have flourishing businesses as a result. At Morgan’s dog boutique it is more than serving the customer as it goes beyond traditional business formalities by supporting the pet business community especially, those who need encouragement.

Morgan’s Dog Boutique which carries an entire wardrobe of pet clothes and accessories sources its goods from some of the best designers who have their own standalone stores but, also from upcoming designers. The focus on helping small businesses grow and prosper has always been a part of this boutique’s philosophy. Now, that Christmas season is just around the corner, the website has introduced new designs in its line of holiday inspired clothing celebrating talented designers.

In addition to selling high quality unique designs in pet clothing and accessories Morgan’s dog boutique is also a place where pet parents can find anything and everything they need for their pooches and other furry friends. The website has more information on all of the products and how to use services like dog grooming and spa facilities provided by the boutique.

About Morgan’s Dog Boutique:

Set up in the year 2013, Morgan’s dog boutique wanted to bring pet parents in UK fashionable dog clothing at affordable rates. Established by a group of pet owners themselves, this boutique which started with offering clothing is today, a huge business providing customers with everything they need and desire to keep their pets happy, healthy and safe.

The boutique does not stop there as it continues to fulfill its passion to help the community grow by helping aspiring UK pet designers benefit by reaching a wider market in a shorter time frame. To view the entire line up of products offered here, please visit