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Dogs to Folllow on Social Media

With our love for dogs continuing to rise and the social media internet sensation in full swing, it seems that pet owners are putting the two things together so that other dog lovers can share their affection together. That’s right not only are humans having twitter, facebook and instagram pages but dogs too and lucky for us there are more treasured social media accounts dedicated to pets for us to admire than ever before!

The frenzy appeared to start from celebrities who made up social media accounts their dogs, letting dogs tell their story to the world from their own voice, such as chasing the mailman, going on walks or how they felt about their owners taking them to the vets and thus a new era was born.

The trend then continued to take off by other pet owners and back in 2009 a dog called “Boo” starting attracting attention from celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian who named Boo “Worlds Cutest Dog”. This then led Boo to having his own Facebook page which now has over 17 millions likes!

But it hasn’t stopped there and the trend for dogs having their own social media page has just continued to increase. Many pet owners have taken to social media accounts to share the cuteness of their dog to the world. London the Frengle is among these and has his very own Instagram account. LIMG_20160403_215025ondon is a 9 month old French Bulldog X Beagle or AKA a Bengle.  London lives in Denmark with his mom and he thoroughly enjoys his walks in the forest with her, posting selfie’s of himself wherever possible. London is very photogenic and loves to pose for photos for his mom when they are go on outings.  He also loves to play with other dogs and kids of all ages.

I think it is safe to say that London is adorable and has even posted photos of himself at bedtime with a dummy in his mouth; very cute indeed! He also posts videos between him and his mom sharing special bonding time, which is truly delightful. London currently has 4 and half thousand followers with numbers growing on a weekly basis. So if you are drawn into those lovable photos of the ever growing number of cute dogs on social media then London the Frengle and Boo are definitely ones you need to follow!

Find the right breed for you with WikiDog

So previously we talked about adding a new addition to your family and where to buy your new dog from. We also suggested that it is a good idea to research which dog breed you would like before purchasing.

However it can be so hard to find which breed is right for you and your family making it difficult to know where to start. The best thing is to find a dog breed selector website such as Wiki Dog. Wiki Dog gives a great range of information about all the different types of breeds from small, medium and large dogs.

Starting with small dogs who are typically between 4-10 KG in weight are generally classified as being a toy breed, for example Chihuahua’s or Yorkshire Terriers. Today these are toy breeds are very popular as they tend to live a lot longer than larger breeds. As well as this celebrities tend to be purchase smaller breed dogs in order to dress them up, This has resulted in an ever growing trend among pet lovers and has resulted in many purchases of smaller breed dogs. Having a smaller breed is also an advantage if you have a smaller house or maybe an apartment as they don’t take up as much room as larger breeds and generally need little exercise.

Then there are medium dogs who tend to be more energetic in nature with higher physical abilities, these on average weigh around 11-25 KG. Examples of a medium type breed are Bulldogs, Poddles and Chow Chow’s among many others. There are probably more medium sized dogs than any other breed type; Wikidogs has a full list of the medium dog breeds on their website. Medium sized dogs a lot like smaller breed dogs and do not generally need a huge amount of exercise and can make excellent apartment dogs however they will generally need more exercise than smaller type dog breed would need. Medium sized dogs also make excellent family dogs and are generally better with children than a lot of smaller toy breeds are.

Larger breeds on average weigh more than 25 Kg and tend to survive tests of endurance and have a life expectancy of 7 – 12 years which is generally a lot less than smaller and medium sized breeds. Examples of larger dog breeds are Labrador retrievers,  Rottweilers and Golden Retrievers. Again the whole of list of larger breeds can be found on the website of Wikidogs if need further information. Larger breeds are generally ideal for families in a larger house with a garden as they take up a lot of space and need lots of exercise but they are generally very good children and are often a favourite as a family dog.

Also follow Wiki dog via Google+ for all the latest information and tips:

Finding dogs for sale

The decision to add new a new dog to your family is a joyous occasion but is one that should also be thought through. There are so many breeds to choose from and with so many having completely different types of personalities it is a important to find the right dog for you. For example some breeds such as Jack Russell’s tend to be more Stubborn and Fearless as well as being known to have selective hearing during a command, however they are also a very healthy breed and can live many more years than larger dogs such as Labrador’s.
Therefore it is wise to read up on the various dog breeds before purchasing your dog, in order to get a better understanding of the type of dog you would like to be added to your family.

Once you have decided which dog you would like to join your family whether it be a puppy or an older dog then you need to find a breeder. There are various sites to find dogs for sale online and it always best to try and find a site with a trusted reputation of breeders and also sell a variety of different breeds especially if you are looking for a rare breed. is a good site for this as they have huge number of various types of dogs on offer via their site.700_400_ruby1-puppies-for-sale-206436865

Once you have found a site you like it is time to search for your future dog. Some dogs for sale sites will allow you to search for the particular breed you are looking for and even allow you to narrow the search by gender and location or even age in order to make it easier to find the particular dog you require.

If you are unable to find a dog that you require straight away then some dog sites such as offer a notification system that will let you know when your particular dog becomes available. It’s a brilliant system where you don’t need to rush into buying the first dog you see and therefore you can take your time to find your perfect dog.

Whatever breed to you decide to purchase you will have unconditional love from them and will be the best companion you can ever ask for.

Crufts celebrate their 125th Anniversary!

It’s that time of the year again where all dog lovers get excited, yes that’s right the annual Crufts show. The show is held at Burmingham NEC from the 10-13th of March 2016 and this year the tension is building with pet owners as crufts celebrate with 125th anniversary!.

Crufts is a celebration of dog. It celebrates the great working dogs, which are fit and healthy enough to follow out the jobs they were originally bred for.Crufts free for editorial use image

The operational and humanitarian action of the year award, the police dog team and hails the hero dogs through the friends for life competition are just some things that Crufts have in store for the pet crazy folk this year. They then celebrate the rescue dogs with a great spectacle, agility competition which involves great speed and agility.

Crufts is also a great place to speak to Kennel Club assured breeders and charity shelters who can offer a great knowledge in buying a dog responsibly in order them train efficiently, walk them and ultimately having the enjoyment of a dog to love.

Let’s not forget the great trade stalls that sell everything from practical dog coats to cool leather dog harnesses as well as dog beds and other much loved pet accessories.

This much loved event is all down to the former founder Charlse Cruft, who after finishing college instead of joining his family jewellery business he took employment with James Spratt who had just set up a new venture in London selling Dog Cakes – yes you heard right! Charlse then took a short time as an apprentice office boy which led him to a promotion as a travelling salesman. This brought Charlse closer to large estates with sporting kennels.

Next his career moved with Spratts to Europe and here in 1878, French dog breeders saw the entrepreneurial talents in Cruft and invited him to help with the promotion of canine section of the Paris Exhibition. Back then he was only two years out of college.

Gwen-BIS-CruftsThen on his return to England in 1886 he took up the management of the Allied Terrier club show which was held at the Royal Aquarium, Westminster. It was in 1891 that the first Cruft’s show was booked into the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington which was later named after Charlse Crufts only to evolve and grow ever since. I think that Mr Cruft would be very impressed by how big and successful his event now is in the UK and around the world.

Great Things about Great Dane Puppies

Great Dane puppies are popular due to their huge size but mild demeanor. The basic requirements of the Great Dane puppies are simple daily walks in the park to maintain their active lifestyle. This will also keep them healthy. Just remember to not overdo the exercise as too much of something may lead to fatigue especially to younger pups.

Do not be surprised if your Great Dane puppy become too big as they really tend to grow very large quite fast, Such fast growth sometimes lead to health problems and complications. Great Dane puppies have a natural energy and keeping it at  a minimum is the responsibility of the owner, It is a good idea to take steps in minimizing their activity while the dog is still a puppy.

Many prospective owners look for Great Dane puppies for sale due to its awesome potential to be an awesome guard dog using their deep, resounding voice.  Great Danes can sometimes be friendly, at times protective depending on the manner they were raised.

Some hobbyists also look for Blue Great Dane puppies for sale due to its unique coat color. Blue Great Dane puppies are not really a rarity, but some people may do find it a challenge if they are looking for Great Dane puppies for free.

Of course, adoption can be a viable option. There are several animal shelters that would be willing to provide Great Dane puppies for adoption as long as you fit the bill to care and be responsible for them.

Remember that puppies in animal shelters need extra care and attention. Animal shelters are filled with healthy, amazing, wonderful, well-behaved dogs who have been in homes before. Many people believe and understand that adopting from a rescue organization is one of the best ways to introduce a new Great Dane to their family!

Holiday with your dog and a guide to choose pet friendly hotel

For the majority of pet owners, especially cat and dog owners, we consider them as an extension of our own family. We love our pets as much as we love our human family, and we spend just as much time around our pets as we do our children, so why shouldn’t we take them on vacation with us too? For many years it was almost impossible to take our pets with us on vacation, as there just wasn’t the amenities available to us like we have today.

Many families in the past have had to make the decision to leave their beloved pets behind when preparing to go on vacation. Leaving pets with a kennel can be extremely expensive, and there is always the risk of our dog or cat picking up a virus while staying with other animals. You could also be taking a risk when taking on a house sitter, or dog walker while you are away. In addition, you cannot guarantee they will stick to the schedule you want them too, and they too can be expensive.

Now we have a much better choice regarding our pets, and we can actually take them with us. Taking your pet on vacation means that you won’t miss them for two weeks or more. Furthermore, you can enjoy your holiday more with your furry friend along, and they won’t be pining for their owners and getting stressed, or be open to diseases or viruses. More, and more hotels have seen the benefits in allowing their customers to bring their pets along and realizing that many families have pets now, they have changed their policies to allow this, although there are still limitations in place depending on the hotel.

How Do I Find A Pet Friendly Hotel?

This is much easier than it sounds because of the availability of the internet and websites. Virtually all hotels, and hotel chains have websites now, so the first thing you should do when booking your vacation is to check out their website. Many hotels will show an icon showing that pets are allowed, or information will be listed under the FAQ section of the site, under the Policy section, or Amenities. An easier option is to visit a dog friendly hotel website: They provide large selection on pet friendly hotel around the world and stuffed with useful information for pet owner. For example you can see dog friendly hotels in Rome. It is worth checking out several hotels in your destination as, for every one that doesn’t accept pets, there will be one that does.

How Do I Find a Pet Friendly Tour?

Depending on where you get your travel information, whether it be a brochure, website or advertisement, they will generally state if they are pet friendly. You can also search different travel directories, or pick up a copy of “Traveling with your pet”, which is produced by the AAA. Whichever destination you choose for your next vacation, it will be worth looking at pet friendly hotels in that area to see if they meet all your requirements, so you can have that extra family member along with you on your next trip.

Exciting times for Morgan’s Dog Boutique

So the last couple of weeks have been amazing for Morgan’s Dog Boutique! Last week we won @Jacqueline_Gold CBE weekly #WOW award, in which we areimages.35 very pleased with and has led to lots more traffic to our website in the past week as well as having gained quite a few more twitter followers to go with it. But most importantly we have the backing of Jacqueline Gold; owner of Ann Summers and Knickerbox and feel very privileged indeed to be joining her Women on Wednesday and look forwardNS_2016_Awards_FinalistBadged to being part of the elite #WOW club.

If that was not exciting enough I have just found out yesterday that I have become a finalist for the Network She Foundation International Women’s Day Awards for 2016.  So I could possibly winning wither Young Business Women of the Year Award and The Women of Influence Award. The event is a black tie event hosted at Llandundo’s Venue Cyrmu on the 4th March 2016. Therefore I need go shopping for a new evening gown in case I need to get up on stage to accept my award. One can only dream!

So all in all 2016 has been a great year so far for Morgan’s Dog Boutique.  I wonder what the rest of the year will bring! #Excited

Tips for pet owners; keeping your house & carpets clean

We all know having a dog or cat in the house is great companionship but sometimes if can be a task to keep your house and carpet clean with pets around, especially when it is moulting season or just an all year round thing!

It is not a good look when you have visitors coming over and your house smells of pet odour and there are pet hairs everyone (especially the sofas). Or you’re trying to brush the pet hairs off you and the kids before you leave the house in the morning. Although it can feel inevitable to get rid of cat and dogs hairs there are certain things you can do to try and keep your house as clean as possible.

If you have a dog the first thing to do after returning from a walk is to wipe your dog’s paws immediately. It may be useful to keep a towel handy by the door that you can specifically use for your dog then when it gets a bit grubby just chuck in the wash.

It is also a good idea to wash and groom your dog regularly. Having a clean dog means having clean carpets! If you don’t own one already, buy a dog grooming brush. You can pick these up quite reasonably from your local supermarket or pound store. Just give them a quick brush after they come out of the bash, thus reducing the amount of hair your dog might shed.

Another idea is to purchase a small rug or carpet runner that you can put in a particular area, that way if your dog or cat has an accident you can easily just toss the rug in the washing machine

The best tip I would suggest however to keep your carpets and home clean is to invest in a carpet cleaner. Then if you’re pet does happen to have a slight accident, you have a carpet cleaner that you can clean any excess debris up. Carpet cleaners are also brilliant for getting rid of all the dog or cat hairs that your pet may leave behind.

You can buy specific carpet cleaners that have been designed particularly to remove hairs from your carpet and home for pet owners. One site in particular that I recommend using Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews. They examine all the newest carpet cleaning machines that will help you make the cleaning better and faster, in particular they review the best carpet shampooer for pets in the market.

Reasons for Keeping Dogs as Pets

‘The dog is man’s best friend,’ is a term that everyone knows. A dog is meant to be the ultimate companion for its owner. But why is this? Why do people prefer dogs over other animals? US pet ownership statistics say that around 78.2 million dogs are kept as pets in the United States. But why do so many people keep dogs as pets?


Dogs make the best companions. They always greet you with plenty of love when you walk through the door, regardless if you’ve been gone for 9 hours at work or just 5 minutes at the corner store. They constantly give you love and affection. The look of judgement-free, unconditional love that they give you melts your heart.

Dogs’ attitudes never really vary from day to day like a human! As long as they are treated with kindness, dogs usually keep the same temperament with the same people and provide great friendship. You will get that same unconditional love, day in and day out!

If your dog is well trained, they will also lay and chew quietly while you read or cook, providing companionship without you having to do anything other than give them acknowledgement every now and again!


This goes hand in hand with companionship. According to Dr. Sue Doescher, “[having a puppy] made children more cooperative and sharing. Having a pet improves children’s role-taking skills because they have to put themselves in the pet’s position and try to feel how the pet feels. And that transfers to how other kids feel” (NYTimes). As someone who was an only-child, this is especially true. I would not have grown into the man I am today if not for my childhood best friend, Buster.

The same study that Dr. Doescher participated in also showed that children that had dogs were more socially competent, less lonely (even in the face of emotional neglect), and showed an increased capacity for nurturing.


Unlike most pets, you can play with dogs and bring them for walks or go for runs! That’s right, dogs are also a great exercise tool! Going for a nice long walk or hike with a dog can be therapeutic! Dog owners have been proven to be less prone to depression! Dog owners have been proven to be less prone to depression!

After a long day of work, playing tug of war or fetch with your dog is a great way to help unwind and forget about all of the frustrations of the daily 9-5. Seeing your dog run after a ball with a big stupid grin on their face will warm even the coldest of hearts!


Whether you live alone or with family and friends, you want to be able to feel secure and safe in your own home. Sometimes, however, people don’t feel safe enough by just keeping the doors and windows locked and having a burglar alarm. Some people find that owning dogs is much better than having any alarm in your home!

Dogs can easily sense when something is not right- a lot of people feel this is due to them being able to smell adrenaline; fear almost. They will be able to sense if an unwelcomed, or threatening, presence is nearby and will bark, or alert, you.

Dogs also have excellent hearing, which is twice as good as human beings. If trained right, a dog can alert you to an intruder before they ever make inside the door; before you ever hear them. Guard dogs can also scare off burglars before they ever try to steal from you – often they are warned off by a simple ‘beware of dog’ sign!

Also, dogs are BY FAR the best smoke detector on Earth! We accidentally burnt a roast in the over a few weeks ago. We were in the other room and wondered why the dog was barking at the oven. Low and behold, the roast was burning! There wasn’t even any smoke coming out of the oven! Best smoke detector ever!


There are so many benefits to having a dog as a pet that it’s impossible to go over them all. My advice when you wonder if you want a dog or not is to go to your local animal shelter and play with a few of the dogs there. See how you feel when you interact with them. If it’s meant to be, you’ll feel a bond instantly. You can also puppy-sit one of your friend’s dogs when they go on vacation! That’s how we knew for sure we were ready for another pup!

Did you know that most dogs end up at an animal shelter because their owners were unable to properly control the dog’s temperament? If you do take the plunge and get a dog, try out the mirror method of dog training. Just like humans, dogs react very well to positive reinforcement! Positive reinforcement has been proven as the leading means of dog training!



Joe is a leading editorial contributor at Best Dog Crates and Beds. Having been a dog lover his whole life, Joe loves teaching others dog training tips and tricks in order to help strengthen the bond between dog owners and their companions.

A review of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

With pet fees on the rise and most of us pet owners worried about the health of our pet, we are all on the lookout for the best pet insurance in the market so we do not have to worry Logo (2)about the cost to our pets. Without pet insurance it is not worth bearing about the repercussions of an unwelcomed illness of accident.

We have had a look at some of the best pet insurances in the market and have looked at one pet insurance provider in particular; Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. The company was founded in 2009 and since then they have devoted themselves to providing the best possible customer service to their customers to ensure they feel they are in safe hands.

The Healthy Paws pet insurance provides coverage with no limits on claims, therefore they will cover you for any accident or illness and on top of that they are the only company to provide unlimited lifetime benefits with an annual deductible. There is no age restriction with Healthy Paws and are happy to be there to protect your dog for the rest of their life. They are also committed to providing customers the fastest claim payouts. Take a look here at there YouTube video too see how they can help your dog.

healthypaws (1)This is reflected by what their customers say about them as 98% of their customers say they are extremely happy with their services. Y.L says “Great company to be insured with” and they made the claim process so easy and straight forward to use and made life that bit less stressful knowing they were in the safe hands of Healthy Paws.

Customers are also amazed with how much they received back in reimbursements. Angie says “This is an amazing company!! I just filed a claim for my pug for dental surgery on some broken teeth. The total cost was $1600.00 and Healthy Paws reimbursed $1450.00!! They also sent an email a few days after her surgery just to see how she was doing. For such a small monthly cost, it’s so nice to not have to worry about the cost of healthcare when your baby is sick or hurt!”

The company also strive to help the less fortunate dogs and every time someone simply just gets a quotation from Healthy Paws they donate to homeless dogs by giving them the treatment they require through pet adoption organaizations to ensure they have spay/neuter surgeries, any treatment they may require or life-saving vaccines.

To find out how to get a quote for a Healthy Paws Pet Insurance see their website here: