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Are your Dog’s Teeth Getting Cleaned?

As pet owners we all want to keep our dogs healthy for as long as possible. Many of us take them to vet and get an eye on their diet ensure this. However it is important to remember that our pet’s dental hygiene is equally as important. After all not keeping our dog’s teeth regularly cleaned can cause many serious health problems that a lot of pet owners are not aware of. For example if your dog has been experiencing bad breath for some time and they not cleaned to could lead to diabetes, infection or even kidney disease. Therefore it is important to keep on top of this in case to ensure they stay healthy.

Generally a lot of people will go to the vets to have their dogs’ teeth cleaned. Although thisdownload-2 can be a bit of an inconvenience for some people, especially waiting down the vets for long periods to see the vet and during the teeth cleaning. However there are pet services available that will come straight to your home, which I really like the idea of. One teeth whiting pet service company that I came across and particularly like is Doggy Smile. They are based in LA and are a highly specialized & trained veterinary technicians. They pride themselves on only giving your pet the best non-anesthesia dental cleaning all from the comfort of your home. They have some brilliant reviews on there services too both Facebook and Yelp.

Sita S from Los Angeles said “I was looking for teeth cleaning on Yelp and I bumped to Doggie smile, I called many vet clinics they were booked or asking for $240-300 for a simple teeth cleaning service.I called Anna she worked on my schedule and showed up at my place used just a towel to wrap my dog and set him on her lap. She was so friedownload-3ndly with my dog, She really loves what she’s doing and the best part of it full teeth cleaning service cost me less then $100. In Less then 45 mins my dog breath was fresh and clean.Highly recommended.”

So if you are living in the the Los Angeles area and your dog needs their teeth cleaned professionally then this is definitely the place to call!


Also make sure to check out their facebook page here for the latest deals and advice:

Which Pet Insurance Provider to Use

We all want to protect our pets, however some things we can’t protect them from therefore it a good idea to make sure they are insured just in case something were to happen to them. It may seem like a costly added expensive, but there are many reasonable pet insurance providers available. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog is covered.However it is not always that simply, as I know myself it can be very hard to try and find the right insurance for your dog. An insurance that is good value for money but also is an insurance that you can rely on if trouble calls.

Pet Insurance is a growing market and there are always more and more pet insurance providers popping up but it is important to read the terms and conditions of the insurance provider thoroughly before joining. Some insurance providers with only insure your dog for a limited time period whilst others with insure your dog for life. Many will get you in the door with great joining up gimmicks but are not willing to pay out for your pet whdalmation-at-veten needed. So it is important to find the right one to suit your dog and there potential future health requirements.

One site that I highly recommend is Shield My Pet, they offer reviews on many of the available pet insurance providers on the market. This includes unbiased reviews on many of the top pet insurers available, so you can make a better informative decision beforehand. This is definitely worth looking at before signing up with an insurance provider as they are always updating their site with reviews on new pet insurers.

They also offer some helpful information on what they believe are the top three best insurance providers on the market to go with. One of these pet insurers currently is PetPlan, this is who we are with now and really wish we had been with these from the start. In addition they offer some useful guides on pet insurance and further detail on how pet insurance is worked out, so I highly recommend reading these if you have new dog and are new to pet insurance.

Whichever pet insurance provider you decide to use remember to fully read their policy to make sure it is right for you and your dog.


Learn How to Groom Your Dog

Grooming your dog is hugely important for ensuring good health for your dog, not only does it make our dogs feel and look good but also provides them with a healthy coat as well as protecting them against a build-up of grease to stop bacteria building up on the coat.

So depending on the type of dog you own with determine how often you will need to groom your dog. If you have a good that molts a lot they will need grooming quite often. This can often become quite costly for owners as regular trips to the grooming parlor is often needed. However learning to clip your dog from home can be a much more cost effect way to keeping your dog groomed and ensuring them that cleaner coat on a regular without breaking the bank. Your dog might also feel a lot more comfortable you grooming your dog rather than a stranger. In addition, you might also find that by clipping your dog yourself you will gain a stronger connection between you and them. Although it can be quite nerve racking at the thought of attempting to do this yourself. But actually is really quite simply to do and there are various videos online via youtube with guides to teaching you how to do it.12022011195044andis super

It can be also be hard to find which dog clippers are best suited for you and your dog. Therefore to find out more information on what are the best dog clippers to use on your dog, I would highly recommend taking at look at the dog helpful dog blog, as they offer some great advice of the best dog clippers available on the market. This is very helpful if you are new to clipping your dog from home and are unsure on which dog clippers to purchase first. They also have a particularly useful video on their blog on how to groom your dog yourself at home.

Dog Helpful is also great at offering all sorts of tips, tricks and reviews on a variety of dog related issues you may have, not just grooming and care but offer brilliant tips on training & behavior, dog food, dog breeders as well as top dog names. I have found this dog blog particularly useful and also find their advice very informative so it most definitely worth checking it out.

The Wagging Affect – Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Who doesn’t like coming home to their dog wagging their tail everywhere and jumping on you knocking everything over in their path? The look in their eyes knowing that you mean so much to them and you are their world. If you are like me, just thinking about it warms your heart. Sometimes when you are staring at your dog do you ever wonder what kind of emotions your dog is really having? This is where the wag affect comes into play. We tend to see our dog’s tail in two ways either the happy wagging where their butt is out of control or the down between their legs depressed look on their face when they know they did something you didn’t like. It seems like those are the main two emotions dogs tend to have on their wagging butt, but scientist have foundLabrador-Retriever-Dogs out that the direction of the tail wag tell a lot about the dog’s mood. If the tail start from the right and is really rapid with the speed, this usually means excitement and happy in your dog. You will see this emotion in dogs most of the time if they are taken care of.

Another butt emotion is the tail straight up in the air wagging slowly and your dog looking straight into your eyes. This mean your dog wants your attention, usually this happens when sitting on the couch waiting TV or whenever you ain’t playing with them. As the tail keeps going down this can either mean being upset or being protective. Owners can tell the different between these actions by the ways their dog is standing or if they start to growl. If the tail is only slightly down and wagging really slow, the dog is showing that it can’t make up it’s mind to let the mail man pass along or chase him down the driveway. If the tail starts to go straight down or even curl between their leg and no wagging, this either means that they are scare of the situation between another dog or showing you are the master and know they did something wrong. It is amazing how much emotion can be shown with a wag of a tail or the position of their butt! Just always remember to remind your puppy how much you mean to them and get that motor of a butt going as fast as it can!


The must see dog boutique; ZoeDoggy of Beverly Hills

So whether you are located in the US or looking to just travel to the state this year, then there is a new online dog boutique that just be checked out. This fabulous dog boutique store is called Zoe Doggy of Beverly Hills. With every product line handpicked exclusively by the owner; Jacklynn, you will be sure to get the best design at the best quality for your dog. This includes the launch of their very own doggy fashion line; “ZoeDoggy Couture and Izzy Ubran Doggy Street Wear, which was created by Jacklynn and her two sidekick pooches: Zoe and Izzy. The line was released last year and is doing very well amongst customers.

However this was not always the dream for Jacklynn and it was as if fate inter veined when Jacklynn got off at the wrong floor one day and bought Zopink-plaid-classic-dog-coat-harness-with-matching-leash-1_grandee her first dog, a Pomerian and after becoming dog mad like the rest of us, Zoe Doggy was later then born as a result. Followed by her second lover; Izzy her second little pooch.

Since then the store has gone from strength to strength, as they have been featured in many media magazines such as 944 magazine and Dog’s Life Magazine, PETCO CO dog show including many other cool media appearances.

Another reason I really like Zoe Doggy is they are heavily involved in the southern California Pomeranian Rescue Group and donate a proportion of their sales to them, which is great as these types of charity can often be overlooked and much needed. Morgan’s Dog Boutique knows this all too well and is also very close to our hearts too.

Ruffin_It_Black_and_Grey_Two_Tone_Snow_Suit_grandeAs well as this they have a great blog which is also worth checking out as they feature the latest offers, events as well as some great advice for your dog which I especially like, such as “How to check your dog’s vital signs”.

Therefore if you are looking for a new boutique or just looking to add some more outfits to your dog’s wardrobe then ZoeDoggy of Bevely Hills is definitely on our top list of recommendations and is absolutely worth dropping by. Jacklynn is an extremely dedicated dog lover and has certainly cought the dog loving bug when she stepped out of the wrong elevator that day. But is so thank full as like all us will agree there is no better bond than that between a dog and their owner.

Give a pet a home and adopt dog with Joyful Pets

We have discussed the option of buying a dog to add to your family and offered some sites on where you can go. However have you ever thought about adopting a dog instead? There are so many unwanted dogs that need good loving homes to go to, especially in the US.

Joyful Pets is a great website if you are looking to do to just that. They offer over 200,000 rescue pets in the U.S. via their website socanstockphoto10618810 you will be sure to find the perfect pet to add to your family.

As well as this Joyful Pets offer pet parents to be the support they need in order to adopt a new dog / cat into their family. Whether you are a new or existing pet parent they help you select the ideal pet for you from their local animal shelter or rescue group.

So what will be your next dog? Maybe Tillie who was found dumped in a local schoolyard, a sweet dog despite the circumstances and apparently loves to get on her back for belly rubs – Aww bless her! She is only 7 months old and in need of some love and attention from her new owner.

Or maybe you might like a dog that is a little more challenging, such as a sweet little boy named Bodgey. Bodgey is a Jack Russell who unfortunately came from an abusive home and as a resJoyfulPet_Mannyult is a little hesitant towards humans and kids. It is believed that once he is settled with his new owner and begins to trust them, then he should be able to open up and become a great campaign for any pet lover. He needs someone with lots of patience and a big heart.

Once you have selected the right dog to suit you and your family needs, then Joyful Pets will do everything they can to help these pet parents bring up a happy and healthy pet to the best of your abilities, through the use of various class resources, proprietary services and of course a hands on personalised support from a highly experienced team of pet parents and pet care experts. Making them an excellent choice for bringing you and your pet together!

Therefore if you are ready to give unconditional love to the cutest best friend you will ever have, then look no further than Joyful Pets as you will be sure to find your perfect pet that will undoubtedly give you all the love and attention that you need, with hours of fun and playtime. Just click here to start your search now.

Have you thought about having a Gerberian Skepsky as your next dog?

If you are looking for a new family dog but are unsure on which breed you would like to go for then why not try the Geberian Skepsky. Whether it is your first dog or you are replacing a lost dog in your life and are thinking about which dog might suit you and your family next, then this is definitely a breed worth considering.

The Gerberian Shepsky is also known as the German Husky, and as you might have guessed this breed is a cross between a German Sheppard and a Seberian Husky. As well as looking especially cute, the breed is the perfect family dog having the perfect traits of both these original breeds. On average they live approximately 10-13 years, which is an average life span for a larger dog and as long as they have plenty of exercise they generally have a healthy lifestyle up until old age.

Gerberian Shepsky’s are also known to have the loyal and clever nature of a German Sheppard whilst having the playful and fun side of a Siberian Husky. This is a huge reason they are known to be one of the greatest breeds known for man despite being a hybrid. They get on with almost anyone and are brilliantly socialable, which makes them the perfect mixed dog breed to bring up around children. Plus they have adorable blue eyes which any dog lover would find incredibly hard to resist.

As well as making a great family dog, their loyalty and intelligence makes them very easily trainable for their owner and a reason why the breed is commonly used by the police and military as they are so keen to please their owner.

When some pure breeds are crossed together there can be complications, however despite the German Sheppard and Serberian Husky being bread into the Geberian Shepsky, they have very few complications. However it is always important for owners to check out the parents of the puppy / dog you are purchasing as the parents might have genetic disorders that could be passed onto your dog.  Some of the issues that can occur in the Geberian Shepsky are digestive problems, epilepsy and eye complications.

Although with plenty of walks in which the Gerberian Shepsky love to do and as long as you have room in your heart to love a dog, then they are sure to make such as lovely impact in your life.

Turn to Pet sitting in Portland

Traditionally pet owners would put their dogs in a kennel whilst they went away, whether it was a family holiday or just an overnight stay for work this was seen the common place to take your dog. But kennels are very noisy for our pets and and can become distressing for them, especially if they already suffer from anxiety issues.

It also appears that more recently dog kennels are becoming less and less popular as many pet lovers are increasingly seeing their dog as part of the family and would like their dog to have the same routine when they are away as they do when they are home. Long are also the days when pet owners would keep their dogs tied up in a dog kennel in the back garden but now sleep in luxury dog beds during the night inside the house, with even some dogs being fortunate to sleep in the same bed as their dog owner.

So we have discovered pet parents want this same treatment of love and attention and as result services such as pet sitting is becoming increasingly popular with these pet lovers. One pet sitting service I have come across is Abercrombowwow & Bitch. They are based in the Portland area and they come highly recommended to use if you live in the area. This company in particular knows how significant your pet is and understands how important they are to your family, just the same as a child is part of the family. During their time looking after your dog they do their utmost best to treat them like their own, giving you extra piece of mind than if they were staying in a dog kennel.

Dog walking is also on our minds when in the hands of others, especially if they are staying at dog kennels as they tend to go out in big groups. However Abercrombowwow & Bitch pride themselves on not walking multiple client dogs at once and will only walk your dog/s at one time. Thus giving your dog their full attention whilst out on a walk. Plus you never have to worry your dog’s water bowl going dry as they consistently checked.

You might think that there is a catch to pet sitting and it will cost proportionately more than sending them to a dog kennels, however it is not. It is actually pretty reasonable to hire a pet sitter and Abercrombowwow & Bitch is no exception. Their rates are reasonable and are highly recommended to use if you are planning a trip away.

Take a look at their facebook page here.

Save Our Elephants….Spread the word…prevent extinction!

We may own a dog or a cat but the love we have for animals extends across all animals, and even though Elephants live from home it doesn’t mean they also close to our hearts. It just so happens that Shared Universe Ventures ltd has a special place in their hearts for endangered animals in South Africa and are doing everything they can to help save these animals but they need our help too.

CEO of GoDaddy captures and kills elephant for sport

After the terrible ordeal of the much loved Cecil the lion last year, saving these endangered animals is fresh in our minds and even the CEO of GoDaddy was been pictured killing these beautiful creatures simply for sport. Therefore it is up to us to try and help give these animals voice in order to stop this awful cruelty.

The threat of endangered animals appears to be a global crisis but appears to be rife in South Africa in a particular. The South African Department of Environmental Affairs (2016) reported that 1,215 rhinos were poached in 2014 and 1175 for 2015 in South Africa and according to the Convention on the Trade of Endangered Species; over 20,000 elephants were killed for ivory in 2015. Yes you heard right! If this continues in 2016 we could soon see these amazing creatures dying out, which would be disastrous.

These elephants are struggling to survive and desperately need the help of investors to change this. Currently Shared Universe Ventures are pushing to try and save 5 elephants in South Africa. Their reservation facilities is able to accommodate all 5 Elephants for free but they need $170 thousand dollars to help with transportation and fencing costs and only have until by 30th April 2016 before the death sentence of these poor Elephants.

Shared Universe Ventures is trying to do all it can to motivate investors to help with this cause and offer them the unique opportunity to exclusively own a part of South Africa when supporting the conservation of these endangered animals which also includes the big 5 game.

elephants-facing-extinctionA famous saying from Mohandas Gandhi reads “It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s important. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no results!”  Therefore isn’t about time we do what we can to try and help these poor animals across the world to prevent their suffering any further? Surely we can try and get the word out these so these animals can be brought up in peace and tranquillity. We need to make as many people aware of the impact this is having so we can help attract more investors to help with the cause as it would be a shame for these exquisite creature to become extinct just because of these cruel poachers. So please share now across all your social media accounts!

See further information here from Shared Universe Ventures Ltd.

What does your dog really think about you?

Have you ever thought of using an animal communicator to find out more about your pets? Perhaps you have never come across the term before? Essentially you could also call an animal communicator a pet psychic. Now before you move on, let’s look at a few things that they can help your furry friend with.

The way an animal communicator works is by tuning into the animal

Loving young woman with her pet dog cradled in her arms as the two look lovingly at each other, vintage effect toned image.
Loving young woman with her pet dog cradled in her arms as the two look lovingly at each other, vintage effect toned image.

‘s energetic level, or their soul. Some say it’s the sub-conscious mind of the animal that connects. Nobody knows for sure but it does seem to work. People who have had their pets talked to by an animal communicator say that they got information back which they couldn’t possibly have known, unless they had got it from the animal itself.

As more pet owners use this therapy, the animal communication service is becoming more and more popular. It’s now being seen as a valid complementary therapy for animals, and lots of vets support the field. In fact, there is a growing number of vets who have seen the benefits of connecting to animals on this deep level and have learnt how to do it themselves, so they can integrate the approach into their own work.

Animal communication can be used in many ways. You may just wish to find out more about your pets likes and dislikes, such as what your dogs favourite walk or food is. Perhaps you want to understand a bit more, such as why your horse acts so stubbornly or why your dog is aggressive to other dogs on a walk. Then there are behavioural issues that need addressing, and no vet can help with this. Sometimes it is emotional issues that cause our animals to act badly, and an animal communicator can get to the bottom of the issue for you. You can even use an animal communicator to connect with your pet when it has passed over, to help you with your grief. This site has a great list of professionals who can help you

There are many animal communicators around the world so find one that feels right for you and your pet’s situation. They can even help with finding lost pets by connecting to them and ‘seeing’ where the pet is located. Often this is hard work and emotionally challenging but it can produce the right outcome which is well worth it for both owner and animal. Just imagine what it would be like to know your animal in a clearer light! You would both end up with a better understanding of each other and live a more harmonious life.