You’ve probably experienced looking at ordinary everyday objects and seeing them as something else – for example, a cloud that looks like an elephant riding a bicycle, or a piece of toast with a scorch mark that resembles a religious figure. This cognitive phenomenon is a natural, innate recognition process called Pareidolia which refers to a stimulus causing the mind to perceive a familiar pattern of something where in fact, it doesn’t exist. It’s no wonder then that we can walk around and have this happen several times throughout the day, seeing faces, silhouettes or patterns in our everyday objects.

I’ve been looking into speaking to a used car dealership like Quick Sell Your Car for my trusty little Mini Cooper because I want something a little bigger now. But Minnie’s sweet little face just looks so sad when I look at it – as if she knows. It sounds ridiculous, but everyone always used to say how happy my mini looked. They have very cute looking fronts – with round lights like beady eyes and the grille representing the open mouth. That’s a good example of Pareidolia for you. Cars are very often mistaken for looking like ‘things’ or animals, so I decided to come up with a list of vehicles that resemble a bunch of animals for a fun blog post! I hope Minnie isn’t too upset with me, but the old girl’s getting on a bit and I’m in need of some heavier duty wheels…

7 Vehicles That Look Like Animals

1. The Fiat Multipla Vs. Beluga Whale

There’s definitely something fishy going on here… the Fiat Multipla, which has been described as one of the ugliest modern cars to exist, resembles our ocean dwelling friend, the Beluga Whale (NB not actually a fish, but a mammal). These particular types of whales are found in the Arctic Ocean and have distinctive white skin and a large rounded forehead. This rounded forehead is referred to as the ‘melon’ and is responsible for focusing and modulating the whales vocalisation.

Do you reckon this was a feature Fiat said they wanted to implement during their design board meetings?

2. Morgan Aero 8 Vs. Exotic Shorthair Cat

This ball of fluff looks remarkably like the Morgan Aero 8 – a vehicle that was designed to be a sleek, British sportscar. Though highly rated for its speed and its slender, lightweight body, the Aero 8’s oddly positioned round headlights look freakishly similar to this little guy’s bulging eyeballs – a look of sheer confusion.

3. Lancia Hyena Vs. a Hyena

Ok so it didn’t take a genius to work this one out, but I just love how well the car depicts the animal’s muzzle features. I would love it even more if they gave the car body a spotted paint job!

4. Google’s Driverless Car Vs. A Koala

Thanks to the strangely shaped, zoomorphic features of Google’s new driverless vehicle, we have what appears to be a giant, motorised koala. It has also been described as looking like a spooked owl, a computer mouse and anime character Totoro. Cute though.

5. MK One Frog eye Vs. a Tree Frog

“Yes, it’s unbelievable that Austin Healey would name the model of their car after an amphibian isn’t it!? After all, who wants a car that’s titled after a slimy little green…” *car is revealed at expo* “…aww! It’s adorable, I want one!”

6. McLaren-Mercedes MP4-29 Vs. an Elephant

Though this image has been accurately photoshopped (I mean, are there any differences!?) it’s highly unlikely that the racing car was produced with an intentional elephantine aesthetic. However, with the addition of the googly eyes, it seems far more fathomable. I mean, it’s genius.

7. Ferrari Vs. Sid the Sloth

So he may not completely class as an animal, but Sid the Sloth is certainly present in the rear of this red Ferrari. Once this has been seen, it cannot be unseen.