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Reasons for Keeping Dogs as Pets

‘The dog is man’s best friend,’ is a term that everyone knows. A dog is meant to be the ultimate companion for its owner. But why is this? Why do people prefer dogs over other animals? US pet ownership statistics say that around 78.2 million dogs are kept as pets in the United States. But why do so many people keep dogs as pets?


Dogs make the best companions. They always greet you with plenty of love when you walk through the door, regardless if you’ve been gone for 9 hours at work or just 5 minutes at the corner store. They constantly give you love and affection. The look of judgement-free, unconditional love that they give you melts your heart.

Dogs’ attitudes never really vary from day to day like a human! As long as they are treated with kindness, dogs usually keep the same temperament with the same people and provide great friendship. You will get that same unconditional love, day in and day out!

If your dog is well trained, they will also lay and chew quietly while you read or cook, providing companionship without you having to do anything other than give them acknowledgement every now and again!


This goes hand in hand with companionship. According to Dr. Sue Doescher, “[having a puppy] made children more cooperative and sharing. Having a pet improves children’s role-taking skills because they have to put themselves in the pet’s position and try to feel how the pet feels. And that transfers to how other kids feel” (NYTimes). As someone who was an only-child, this is especially true. I would not have grown into the man I am today if not for my childhood best friend, Buster.

The same study that Dr. Doescher participated in also showed that children that had dogs were more socially competent, less lonely (even in the face of emotional neglect), and showed an increased capacity for nurturing.


Unlike most pets, you can play with dogs and bring them for walks or go for runs! That’s right, dogs are also a great exercise tool! Going for a nice long walk or hike with a dog can be therapeutic! Dog owners have been proven to be less prone to depression! Dog owners have been proven to be less prone to depression!

After a long day of work, playing tug of war or fetch with your dog is a great way to help unwind and forget about all of the frustrations of the daily 9-5. Seeing your dog run after a ball with a big stupid grin on their face will warm even the coldest of hearts!


Whether you live alone or with family and friends, you want to be able to feel secure and safe in your own home. Sometimes, however, people don’t feel safe enough by just keeping the doors and windows locked and having a burglar alarm. Some people find that owning dogs is much better than having any alarm in your home!

Dogs can easily sense when something is not right- a lot of people feel this is due to them being able to smell adrenaline; fear almost. They will be able to sense if an unwelcomed, or threatening, presence is nearby and will bark, or alert, you.

Dogs also have excellent hearing, which is twice as good as human beings. If trained right, a dog can alert you to an intruder before they ever make inside the door; before you ever hear them. Guard dogs can also scare off burglars before they ever try to steal from you – often they are warned off by a simple ‘beware of dog’ sign!

Also, dogs are BY FAR the best smoke detector on Earth! We accidentally burnt a roast in the over a few weeks ago. We were in the other room and wondered why the dog was barking at the oven. Low and behold, the roast was burning! There wasn’t even any smoke coming out of the oven! Best smoke detector ever!


There are so many benefits to having a dog as a pet that it’s impossible to go over them all. My advice when you wonder if you want a dog or not is to go to your local animal shelter and play with a few of the dogs there. See how you feel when you interact with them. If it’s meant to be, you’ll feel a bond instantly. You can also puppy-sit one of your friend’s dogs when they go on vacation! That’s how we knew for sure we were ready for another pup!

Did you know that most dogs end up at an animal shelter because their owners were unable to properly control the dog’s temperament? If you do take the plunge and get a dog, try out the mirror method of dog training. Just like humans, dogs react very well to positive reinforcement! Positive reinforcement has been proven as the leading means of dog training!



Joe is a leading editorial contributor at Best Dog Crates and Beds. Having been a dog lover his whole life, Joe loves teaching others dog training tips and tricks in order to help strengthen the bond between dog owners and their companions.

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  • According to the American Kennel Club, the most popular dog breed in the United States is the Retriever. This breed holds the title for the 24th time in a row, and it is one of the most purchased and bred dogs in the country. Other popular breeds include German shepherds, Poodles, French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Beagles, Boxers, Yorkshire terriers and Rottweiler.
  • The 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook indicates that an estimated 36.5% of American households had a pet dog, which amounted to almost 70 million dogs, in total, compared to 30.4% and 74 million cats, respectively.
  • Breeding in the United States is regulated (compared to other places) in order to protect the animals from unfair, unhealthy or cruel treatment and prevents the existence of so-called “puppy mills”. Breeders are required to have proper registration and documentation, as well as be responsible for the good health and well-being of the dogs they are breeding.
  • Breeders are not to be picked at random, because the risk to find someone who is a “backyard breeder” is high. Dogs cannot be bred and sold without appropriate registration, sales contract and health guarantee. Any behavior that is not according to regulation and which endangers the puppies or dogs for sale is prohibited by law.
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What about the laws concerning dog ownership and breeding in the United States? Here is what you need to be aware of:

  • If, when looking for a breeder, you come across someone who does not present all the necessary requirements (registration, sales contract, vaccines etc.), do not purchase a dog from them. Instead, report them to the proper authorities, because they may be harboring a puppy mill. Breeding indiscriminately and without proper care for the animals’ health is illegal, according to the Animal Welfare Act. Always choose a breeder who respects all the proper procedures or you run the risk of getting a dog with undisclosed health problems.
  • When it comes to vaccination, among the core ones veterinarians include Canine adenovirus – 2 (or hepatitis), rabies virus, canine parvovirus, as well as canine distemper virus. In addition to them, it is also customary to vaccinate against canine coronavirus, bordetella (kennel cough vaccine), leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and Lyme disease.

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Exercises with your dog

So it’s the January blues as Christmas is officially over and you & your pooch have put on a few extra unnecessary pounds from all the Christmas festivities. So now is the time to get that extra weight shifted to start the New Year on a high and what better way to do than to do this than do it with your beloved dog! So we have a few tips and what you can do with your pet.

First thing that is probably the most obvious one is to do on a dog walk! However wouldn’t it be more fun to set yourself a challenge? Well it is a New Year so what better way to start it off than by setting yourself a challenge. Maybe there is a nearby mountain that you have wanted to climb but maybe you haven’t had the motivation or time before or maybe a nearby lake with a big walk around it that you have never had the chance to do. Just have a look in your local area at what big walks are available. Most parks and mountain walks are dog friendly but always remember to check what their rules are before going as some will have restrictions such as your dog with be required to be kept on a lead.

Jogging is also an excellent way to get the pounds shifting and there is no better way than to go running with a partner so take your companion not only are they great company but terrific motivation for running. However if you have an older it might be a good idea to pop down to your local vet and make sure your dog has a check up in order to ensure they are medically fit before you decide to go running with them. Also if you have a particular breed such as a Pug or British Bull Dog who are known to having breathing problems it might be a good idea to maybe take a friends dog instead if you want to go jogging and take them just on a walk instead, again maybe worth checking with your local vet for some advice first. Also always remember to keep your dog on their lead just in case control is lost during your run and last thing you want is to be running after them in case they go into the road or run off to chase pigeons if you’re at the park.

Another option is to do some workout exercises at home and why not make it more interesting by getting your dog involved. Jessica Smith who has her own You Tube channel sharing her fitness videos along with her pet dog Peanut. She shares 7 moves that you can do with your pet at home that we found to be really good and easy for anyone to do. See for yourself here:

Happy New Year everyone and good luck getting into shape for the New Year!

Top Winter Walks in South Wales

Top Winter Walks in South Wales

So looking to go on some great walks with your dog this winter in South Wales? Well we have some fabulous places for you to take a look.

Craig-Y-Nos Castle is a top for pick us as it offers huge grounds so lots of room for your dog to have a good run about but in safe grounds as there is fencing around the park to make sure your dog doesn’t get lost.  They are offer a total of 7 walks in total via their website see the full list of walks here.

Craig – Y – Nos castle is really dog friendly and even have their own dog residents called Jack and Shepa. They also offer their guests the opportunity to have their dogs stay them overnight. So if you are looking to enjoy the grounds a little longer you can stay in their pet friendly accommodation which is situated with direct access to the country park and the local stream and local walks.

Usk Reservoir is another great walk in South Wales, the walk is a circular 8km walk that surrounds the beautiful reservoir over-looking the gorgeous Black Mountain. This is definitely great place to take your dog walk and a fabulous day out with fantastic views.

If you fancy taking your dog to the beach instead then there are some fabulous dog friendly beaches in South Wales where you can take your dog. Ogmore-By-The-Sea is a top favourite by all the locals and what’s better you can take your dog hear all year round.  The beach offers lots of greenery around the car park and the beach itself benefits from being pretty sandy with some rocks, which is great if you are bringing along children too and want to spot some crabs!

Castell Coch near Tongwynlais on the outside of Cardiff is also another great place to take your dog in South Wales, the castle itself does not allow dogs however the grounds surrounding the castle are beautiful and do welcome dogs. The walk is very peaceful and as you walk around the “Fairytail” castle you an listen to a wide range of wildlife. It is definitely worth a trip down there with your dog on a fine Winter Sunday afternoon. Plus there is a lovely dog friendly pub that you can stop buy afterwards down the road in the Gwaelod-y Garth inn pub.

By Sian Morgan


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Helping Dog Charities this Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for many but for some it can by a lonely time. The same could be said for some dogs that don’t have a loving family to look after them this Christmas and this just about breaks my heart. That’s why these dogs need our help more than ever this Christmas so if you are looking to add a dog or new puppy to your family for Christmas why not acquire at rescuing a dog in need.

Many Tears Rescue is a not for profit organisation that was set up to take in and re-home unwanted dogs. This is a great organisation to use if you are looking to re-home a dog this Christmas. They are based in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire (South Wales) but have locations for re-homing dogs all over the UK. See dogs that are in current need of re-homing here and they also have a small number of cats that need to be re-homed.

many tears animal rescue
Many Tears Animal Rescue

Dogs Trust is another not for profit organisation that takes in unwanted dogs needing a home. Their mission is to see that all dogs live a happy life. They have a total of 21 centres across the UK and cared for 16,731 dogs in 2014. You can see the list of the dogs that need a loving home here.

However  if you do not feel ready to re-home a dog this year you can always donate to these organisations and this can be through gifts you are already planning to buy. If you are a looking for a Calendar for the New Year rather than going to your local supermarket to get a calendar for 2016, order a calendar online at Many Tears Rescue for £8 including delivery. See their merchandise page here:  Dogs Trust also offers a range of merchandise available this Christmas including some cute dog Christmas labels. So rather than get your Christmas labels at the local supermarket this year get them from the dogs trust instead and at the same time donate to dogs in need.

Many Tears also rescue dogs from overseas and have a specific donation page where you can give a passport to a dog this Christmas. Defiantly worth a look at here:

Personally the RSPCA is such an important charity as they stop the cruelty of animals across the UK and are proud to be the oldest welfare charity running. They were the first people to actually introduce a law to protect animal and focus all their attention on preventing pain and suffering to animals. The RSPCA really need our help this Christmas and have a “Countdown to Cruelty to Christmas 2015 Appeal”.   So many animals are suffering and by donating to this page it can have a huge impact on saving animals this Christmas and giving them a safe home.  The RSPCA also have a shop where you can buy a range of merchandise such as Christmas Cards and my personal favourite the fun for feet dog slippers for just £14.95!

RSPCA gifts
Fun For Feet Slippers

Although it is not just about donating but you can show your support by volunteering such as dog walking or even fostering a dog. For more information visit here:

Whatever you decide this Christmas please keep these Charities in mind as they are credit to dogs across the UK and they need our help to help these poor animals. Please help save a dog this Christmas!

Top 6 – Christmas Pet Gift Guide

dog clothes

It’s that time of year again….yes everyone it is Christmas time again! Where has the year gone?? I know what you thinking….what I am going to get the dog this year for Christmas! Well don’t worry Morgan’s Dog Boutique are here to help.

We have put together the top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Dog for Christmas 2015!

6. Luxury Red Christmas Dog Harness – A Luxury Fur lined dog harness in a red tartan checked pattern. The harness offers a super snug faux fur lining making it a perfect Christmas present for your outfit during this years cold winter months. The harness also has a double D-ring for extra security.

Luxury red tartan dog harness
Luxury Red Tartan Dog Harness – £24.95 Free UK Delivery

5. Red Tartan Dog Coat – This red tartan dog coat is fleece lined and also has a fleece collar, which will aid your dog keeping him/her snug, warm and comfortable this winter. Making it a great Christmas present for those cold winter walks this year. The coat fastens with popper buttons which makes it easy to dress or undress your dog also the coat has a hole in the collar to allow a lead to be attached or a harness to be worn underneath. Fab product!

Dog clothes
Red Tartan Dog Coat £23.50 Free UK Delivery

4. Burgundy Slumber Dog Bed – Is last years dog bed falling apart? If so this fabulous cosy Burgundy Slumber dog bed could be the answer. The bed is made from a soft damson fabric (great quality), making it the perfect gift for your dog this Christmas.

dog bed
Burgundy Slumber Dog Bed from £24.99 Free UK Delivery

3. Cheetah Dog Onesie – Christmas is not complete without your very own onesie! Well this gorgeous snug dog onesie is number 3 on our Christmas pet gift guide! Brilliant for those cosy nights in during the cold weather. The onesie also benefits from an adjustable elasticated at the underside, allowing your pet to gain the best comfort.

dog onesie
Cheetah Dog Onesie £14.99 Free UK Delivery

2. Personalised Wooden Dog Toy – Does your dog have too many toys? Not sure what to do with them? Get this fabulous handmade in the UK wooden toy box for your do. Can be painted in any colour you wish, making a great Christmas present for your dog this year, definitely a number two on the Christmas wish list for Santa.

personalised dog toy box
Personalised Wooden Dog Toy Box £25.99 Free UK Delivery

1. Santa Christmas Dog Coat…..And the number one spot of course goes to this adorable Santa Christmas Dog Coat to get them in the festive spirit of Christmas this year! This coat benefits from being lined with a cosy white fleece giving it that authentic Santa look.  The coat also has a very cute felt belt and gorgeous pom pom on the hood completing the Santa look.

dog clothes
Santa Christmas Dog Coat – £19.95

Well that’s our top 6 Christmas Gift Guide for your dogs this Christmas from Morgan’s Dog Boutique, although we offer much more adorable Christmas Dog Outfits and Christmas Gifts for your dog this year. Take a full range of Christmas products here. You might also benefit from Christmas Clothes section where we supply Christmas dog outfits from top UK dog designer Urban Pup.

Happy Shopping and have a magical woof Christmas!


By Sian Morgan

Twitter: @morgansdogbout


5 Tips for keeping your dog safe and warm during the winter

dog winter scarf

The sun may be out at the moment but I think we are all starting to feel that autumn chill in the air and so are our dogs! Therefore we have 5 important tips to remember this Autumn / Winter to keep our beloved pooches extra cared for.

  1. Do they need a coat?

What type of dog do you have? If you have a dog that has a thin coat such as Chihuahua or a Lurcher then they are in definite need of a coat or maybe even a snug sweater during the cold winter weather to keep them warm. However dogs such as Siberians Husky or Saint Bernard’s have coats that are more suited to the cold weather and therefore do not require coats to keep them warm.  Morgan’s Dog Boutique website has a huge range of dog coats to suit various breeds from cosy winter dog coats ideal for smaller dogs to traditional dog coats for those dogs who want something less restrictive. Morgan’s Dog Boutique also offers a huge selection of winter dog sweaters or maybe even a dog onesie that not only keep your dog warm during the cold weather but are stylish and fashionable too!

dog onesie

  1. Limit your walks

Windy weather can make the day even colder despite what temperature it, therefore try to not to keep your dog outside the garden or limit their walk as dogs find it harder to maintain their body temperature. As a result it may be worth keeping an eye on them when outside and if they start to shiver bring them indoors immediately for a cuddle instead.

  1. A little Extra Food

Dog’s tend to use up more energy on walks because of the cold weather, therefore we can give our pets that extra little bit more food during the Autumn / Winter weather. We recommend giving the extra healthy snack to give them the additional calories they are losing. Morgan’s Dog Boutique offers a range of healthy handmade tasty treats for your dog. However make sure you do not give too much in one go as your dog may become over weight.

  1. Does my dog have a cold?

Just like us humans dogs can get colds too and like us are more prone to them during the Autumn / Winter time. Therefore if you see your dog sneezing a lot more than often, have runny nose and may even have watery eyes and seem to be more sleepy than normal it is likely that they may in fact picked up a cold. The best thing to when looking after your dog with a cold is make sure there is dog bed is in a warm place, if their dog bed is usually left in the kitchen then maybe it could be moved in the Living room where is more comfortable for them. Make sure they also have plenty of blankets to make sure they are warm whilst they recover from their cold.

traditional dog coat

  1. Watch out for Anti-Freeze

Most of us like to use anti-freeze during the cold weather especially when temperature really drop and we need it to start the car on those early mornings! However Anti-Freeze is deadly poisonous to dogs therefore ensure it is out of reach from dogs and any spillages are cleaned up immediately.

So there are 5 tips for keeping your dog safe and warm this winter! Hope you and your dog have a great winter and please e-mail us at: for any other concerns you have for your pet and we will be happy to help!

By Sian Morgan

Morgan’s Dog Boutique –

What to do if you lose a pet?

pet tag

The most crucial thing to be aware of if you notice you’re pet has gone missing and you are sure they are not hiding in their favourite spot behind the sofa or burying their favourite bone in the garden is time. The first 24 hours is the most important time to finding your pet, longer you leave it to start searching for your pet the larger the perimeter is you have to search.

If you have gotten a pet tag before hand with your dog’s name and your telephone number, then make sure you have your phone on loud and nearby in case someone finds your pet and rings you. (If you thinking of ways to prevent your dog from getting lost please see our range pet tags for dogs)

Take a photo your dog when you go looking for him to show potential strangers that may have seen them. The more recent one you have of them the better.

Get the word out there as much as possible, by telling neighbours to be on the lookout and also create a poster with your pet’s photo on to put up in your local area. As well as this you can post you’re missing pet on sites such as On the pets located site you can register your pet as missing and others can register a pet as being found. As well as this the company work with RSPCA who encourage people to go onto the website in order to report a missing pet or if you have found a pet. They have many success stories of pets  that have reunited with their owners so it is definitely worth going on there to register your pet if they go missing. Check out their site for more information.

Remember not to give up! Even pets who have been missing for a long time turn have a success story and reunited with their owners – this could be you!

By Sian Morgan