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A guide to clipping your dog’s nails

Keeping your dogs nails short is essential to making sure your dog is kept comfortable. In addition ii can keep your floor free from scratches. But clipping your dogs nails is not always that simple and somewhat nerve racking for many dog owners and therefore as a result dog owners put off this task off in fear they may hurt their dog. What’s more, some dogs are not fans of having their nails trimmed and this is another reason dog owners put off the dreaded job. However with the right advice and clippers many pet owners can successfully clip their nails.

Choosing a good pair of nail clippers is first on the list. So where do you find the best dog nail grinder to use on your dog? Well Amazon is a great place to look, but as there are many of dog nail clippers to choose from, it can often be hard for dog owners to choose which of these is the best.  Toppet Lovers is a great blog that offers reviews on the best professional dog nail clippers so it is a fantastic place for owners to visit when deciding which one they may want to purchase.

Secondly having your dogs favourite treat ready for them is always handy, as dogs are a lot more likely to sit still and keep calm for owners if they know they will get a reward at the end. Especially if they know it is something that will taste good!

Thirdly choosing the right place to use their dog nail grinder is also important, as having a place where your dog feels comfortable and relaxed will mean your dog will be a lot calmer during the procedure. For example their bed or in a safe area of your home.

Furthermore the time you decide to carry out the nail clipping will determine how smoothly it will go. For example it is advisable for pet owners to clip their dogs nails after they have they have just eaten their evening meal and have been out for a long walk, as they are a lot more likely to keep still while their nails are being cut.

If you do cut your dogs nail too short and it begins to bleed, do not panic just apply pressure to the tip of the nail and it will soon resolve itself.

Getting The Picture Just Right: How To Take A Great Selfie

It is a little more difficult than you would think to take a selfie. Only a few people consistently snap good shots; the rest are not happy with the vast majority of their pictures. If you love to take selfies, but you need a little help getting the image just right, read on for more information.
1. Pay Attention to Lighting
Do you snap selfies and are then horrified by the way your skin looks? Or, do you look drawn and not like yourself in the picture? The problem is likely the lighting. Even if you have lights on, you may not be getting enough illumination to create a great picture. Natural light is best. Pull up the blinds and flood the room with light. If it is an overcast day, try moving lamps around until you get it right. You can also try switching rooms to see if a different position helps. You want the lighting to be both bright and soft for best results. Here are some good lighting tips.
2. Go To A Mirror First
Before you take that picture, head over to a mirror to examine your appearance. Are you happy with what you see or do you need to touch up some makeup or fix your hair? Give yourself the best chance of success by ensuring that there is nothing that you need to fix before you start snapping pictures. Most people only need to spend a minute or two on touch ups before they move on to take their picture.
3. Stay Frozen
When cameras first came on the market, subjects had to remain frozen for about one minute in order to avoid a blurry picture. That is why you rarely see people smiling in pictures from years ago; they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep their smile frozen for the picture, so they simply opted not to do it at all. Times have changed (luckily!), and you do not need to remain frozen for a minute to get a good picture. However, you do need to minimize your movements for at least a few seconds so that the picture turns out the way you want it to.
4. Get The Background Right
Most people don’t consider the background when they take a selfie, but the truth is, it is a crucial part of the picture composition. If there are people standing behind you, your camera might accidentally focus on them. If there is a lot going on behind you, you may get lost in all of the “busyness” of the photograph. Opt for a neutral background whenever possible. Try to make sure there is as little going on behind you as possible. In addition, be aware of bright colors. Your face might look a little odd in your selfie depending on the colors that are behind you. To be safe, opt for a white background.
5. Be Self-Assured
Your picture is not going to turn out very well unless you are confident during the entire process. Remember, no one is looking at you. If you don’t like your picture, you can eventually delete it. Get silly. Have fun. Show how self-assured you are. Chances are, you are going to love one of the pictures that results from your impromptu photography session.
6. Get More People Involved
Your pictures will look even better if you take them with a friend or family member. Joke around and laugh with each other, and snap your picture while the two of you are being silly. Your image will convey the affection you have for one other and it won’t look too posed. Remember, though, that you often have to take several selfies to find one that you love, so make sure your friend is up for a few minutes of picture taking.
7. Get The Angle Right
How you hold the phone is important when you are snapping your selfie. If you are too low, you’ll snap an unflattering shot of your chin. If you go too high, you may look like a floating head. You want to hold your phone just above your head. Point your chin up slightly; this will smooth out your skin and help you to appear thin. While this angle works for most, you may like something a little different. Try out a few poses and see what works for you. Check out this post.
8. Use Editing Tools
You don’t have to use the original image that you took. Instead, edit your pictures to change anything you don’t like. You can darken an image that is too bright, for example. You can eliminate any red eye. You can add a few silly “stickers” to the image. Have fun with your editing tools and get your picture just the way you want it. Filters can also be very helpful as well.
Here are some good tools for better photos and more followers for your Instagram
• Vibbi
• Picstitch
• Squareready
9. Glance At Your Photo
With the way technology is in most smartphones today, you shouldn’t have a problem looking at your photo’s composition before you snap it. Take a quick glance and make sure you like the way everything looks. If it is a go, snap the picture! If something is wrong, fix it quickly and try again.
10. Be Silly
If you tried a few serious poses, but you don’t like the way they turned out, try something a little different. Who says you have to smile in the picture? Try getting silly instead! This works really well if someone is taking the picture with you, but it can be great on your own as well.

Tips For Photographing Your Pets for Instagram

Keepsakes of those special moments are something that we all want, whether it is the people or the animals in our lives. This is why it is a great idea to learn how to take better pictures of your pet. Do those annoying flashbacks where your fur balls eyes seem more like a scene from a horror film have you fed up? We also have plenty of red eyed pet pics so we know exactly how you feel. Here are six photography tops to consider as you photograph your pets that will provide you with great pics you will want others to see and will want to store in your photo albums for future reference.

1. Go Down To Their Level
What our pest look like at our level is something that we all know. Find out what they look like on their level, get on the ground with your dog, lay next to them, crawl around with them and snap some shots from their perspective.

2. Opt For Natural Lighting
Unless you are going for a Pet Cemetery look for your furry friends, use natural lighting. We all have at least one picture of our pets featuring red and scary eyes. To avoid this, use natural light. Also, your pets could be frightened by a sudden burst of light coming from your camera; you want your pet to be as comfortable as possible so avoid startling them.

3. Show off Their Character
It can be tricky to come up with photo shoot ideas for your dog. A great way to capture the true nature of your pet on film is by focusing on showcasing their real character. If your dog is lazy, capture a pic of him or her mid yawn. If your cat performs a really cool trick, capture him or her performing it.

4. Close Ups
Show off your pets details. Paws, eyes, ears and hair are always great features to capture. I once knew a dog that had a nose shaped like a heart, which would have been an excellent feature to capture. That being said, if you really take the time to examine your pet and find it’s most unique and photogenic features, anything can be turned into a cute pic. Here are some tips.

5. Timing is Everything
If you want a playful photo shoot with your pet, do not photograph him or her right after their nap. Set up a scheduled time where you know you will be able to capture the shots you want. If around seven your cat has his or her run around the house in berserk mode and you want to capture it, make sure that as the clock strikes, your camera is handy.

6. Incorporate Props

If you are in need of some ideas to photograph you cat or dog, use a favorite toy to really get your dog’s attention or a string to intrigue your cat. Treats also encourage better behavior, however don’t be cruel, you should eventually let them have their toy or treat. You can also consider posing your dog with a Santa hat for a card shot during the jolly seasons or even cuddled up with his or her stuffed cat toy.
7. Post on Instagram
Next thing, get your posts live on Instagram. Your account is the perfect place to showcase your animal and get people to see it. Ensure to use hashtags to help the post along and to make it more easily searchable. Additionally, if the account is new buy some Instagram followers for the account to make it look more popular and to entice people to like it. This will all help ensure the image is popular.
These tips are there to help you take better images and get greater exposure for your animal

How CBD Treats Can Help Your Pets!

Pet owners are going crazy over a new medicinal herb that is being used to treat all types of pet illnesses. This medicinal herb is known as cannabis, and pet owners are using it to treat a wide range of pet illnesses such as anxiety, cancer, and arthritis. Most of you may be surprised how an illegal drug is able to cure numerous pet illnesses. But you need not be surprised as the cannabis used to treat pets is hemp and not marijuana. This read offers information on how CBD can help your pets.

Hemp was illegal in the United States and other countries around the world for a long time. But today, medical experts have come to understand the medicinal benefits of hemp and urged the governments around the world to ease the restriction placed on the herb. Today, most of you have the opportunity to buy hemp seed products from your local drug store or numerous online e-commerce stores. You may find hempseed lotions, soaps, protein powders, and hempseed milk. In fact, there is a distinctive difference between hemp and marijuana. cbp-treats

Hemp and marijuana come from a plant know as Cannabis sativa. This plant has more than 60 chemicals which are known as cannabinoids or CBD. There are two main types of cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the ingredient that makes a person high. Marijuana has a THC content between 10-15% while the hemp plant has a THC content of only 0.3%. Cannabis doesn’t have any intoxicating effect when the THC is at 0.3% or less. Hemp has a higher concentration of CBD which is helpful to heal various illnesses in pets. Hemp Genix CBD has ZERO THC and 5mg CBD Per Treat.

Humans and most of the animals have CBD receptor sites in their brain, immune cells, and central nervous system. The latest studies have shown that cannabinoids contain anti-inflammatory effects. Hence, it can help with a lot of illnesses such as pains, muscle spasms, tumors, appetite stimulation, seizures, skin conditions, anxiety, aggression, and neurological disorders. CBD treats can help deal with many chronic and acute conditions in your pets. Arthritis, stress responses, digestive issues, aggression, and immune system illnesses are some of them. Acute conditions such as strains, sprains, broken bones, torn ligaments, and stiffness of the joints can be easily treated with it. If your pet is already taking drugs for certain conditions, CBD treats can help reduce the dosages of these drugs. Since most of the drugs come with side effects, reducing the dosage with CDB treats will help alleviate the side effects over time.

CBD Pet Treats will not provide immediate relief as with any type of herbal medicine. You will have to be patient to see the results of administering CBD treats on your pets. Although the pet may feel a reduction in the pain associated with the condition, inflammations may take a few days to show improvements. Because CBD treats have a lower content of THC, it will not make your pet feel high. The common side effect that the pet would feel is a little drowsiness. Sometimes, your pet may feel an itchiness and mild vomiting which are not very common at all. But if the pet behaves as if it is high, you should stop using the drug any further.

CBD Pet treats by Hemp Genix are quite popular in the pet industry these days. There are many places where you can buy this product. You should make it a point to use a product that has been formulated for pets. CBD treats are very effective to relieve so many illnesses of your loving pet. Every pet is different. Hence, you should be cautious when choosing the right dose for your pet. Start with a low dose and increase it on a step by step basis to reach the recommended dosage. In fact, one drop of CDB is ideal for 10 lbs of body weight of your pet. Give this once a day for about a week and raise the level to twice a day from there onwards. If you buy CBD treats, you should start with a quarter cookie and improve the dosage from there onwards.

CBD treats are available on many online e-commerce stores. You need to find a reputed e-commerce store to purchase the product. Make sure you do some research before finding the best e-commerce store out there to purchase CBD treats. A high-quality CBD treat will help heal various illnesses of your pet. Hemp Genix are some of the best e-commerce stores where you can purchase high-quality CBD treats on the market.

In conclusion, CBD treats are creating quite a buzz in the pet industry these days. They are effective in healing numerous conditions in your pets. This read offers information on how CBD treats can help your pets.

A guide to getting a dog

untitled-1Deciding to get a dog as part of the family can be a wonderful experience, especially to a child as a dog can bring so much love and joy into our lives. However the decision is not to be taking lightly. Bringing up a dog is just the same as child and comes with huge responsibility. They need to be walked each day, fed and training.

Therefore we have come up with this pet guide on tips to looking after your dog once you have decided to bring a dog into your life.


So the first thing you need to do for getting your dog is make sure you get them some food. There are various brands you can get from the supermarket and all have special instructions on the amount to feed your dog depending on their weight. If you find your dog become a little too thin, you can increase the amount you give your dog. Likewise if you find your dog is getting a little overweight then slowly reduce the intake you give them.


Next your dog needs a place to sleep, therefore it is essential you find them a nice comfy bed. As well having a nice place to sleep, a bed is a safe place for your dog to go. A place they feel that is theirs. Some dog owners also opt for crates, especially if they are bringing a new puppy home and looking to train them.


So once your dog is home you need to make sure there is plenty of water in a bowl on the floor where they can access it, at all times. Dogs do not sweat the same as humans and can become heated very quickly. Therefore this is very important.


Dogs need a walk once a day or maybe more, depending on the type of dog you have. For example breeds such as Jack Russell’s or a Boxer dogs have a lot of energy and need a lot more exercise than other breeds such as Pugs or British Bull Dogs. Therefore keep this in mind when choosing the breed you want to add to your family.


It is also important to get your dog into training straight away. Take a look in your local and see what puppy / dog training classes you can sign up to. As it is really important that your dog learns to take commands from you such as sit, walking on the lead etc.


Even though there is a lot to think about when looking after a dog, it a wonderful rewarding experience and will give you and your family so much joy and love. For more information on caring for your dog, take a look at My Pet Guide.

Dogs As Rodent Deterrents: Will Dogs Keep Mice Away?

If you have a beloved family dog, then you know the joy of playing fetch and taking him for walks. He is as much a part of the family as everyone else, and he really makes you love animals. Cat owners have these same feelings, while also understanding their value for pest control. But, did you know that dogs can often be a deterrent for pests too? Especially rodents? Well, it’s your lucky day, because you’re going to learn all about it from a pest control expert and dog lover so that you can make use of the information for yourself.
If you’re considering buying a family dog and want one that will double as a rat deterrent, you’re best off getting a terrier of some kind, particularly a Jack Russell Terrier. These dogs (along with most terriers) are bred to look for mice and rats and then drive them from your garden so that your property is pest-free.

Another option is a Dachshund. These are a beautiful breed, and you will find them to be a better match to your lifestyle if you want a quieter dog. Terriers tend to be a bit hyper, whereas a Dachshund isratterrier893355_1280 gentler, and will be content to curl up with you without too much persuasion. If you are looking for a lap dog in the true sense that also doubles as a mouser, try a Papillon. These guys are great for mice as well as moles and other burrowing creatures that will make a home for themselves in your garden.

Terriers are great mousers for an active family that will give a Jack Russell Terrier the attention that is required for their happiness, whereas the family that is slower and more comfortable with a puppy who will entertain the kids and not be ripping up furniture, will find that a Dachshund or a Papillon is much better suited. They will keep the peace in terms of personality as well as keeping the property free of pests.

If you are a pet lover and are looking to get rid of rodents, a dog is something that you should seriously consider! It’ll give you a friendly face, companionship, and save you both worry and money on pest control. Using animals for effective pest control is definitely not a new idea, and while a dog is certainly not a guarantee that no pests will enter your home, it is a solid way to make sure their number is as low as possible.

Are your Dog’s Teeth Getting Cleaned?

As pet owners we all want to keep our dogs healthy for as long as possible. Many of us take them to vet and get an eye on their diet ensure this. However it is important to remember that our pet’s dental hygiene is equally as important. After all not keeping our dog’s teeth regularly cleaned can cause many serious health problems that a lot of pet owners are not aware of. For example if your dog has been experiencing bad breath for some time and they not cleaned to could lead to diabetes, infection or even kidney disease. Therefore it is important to keep on top of this in case to ensure they stay healthy.

Generally a lot of people will go to the vets to have their dogs’ teeth cleaned. Although thisdownload-2 can be a bit of an inconvenience for some people, especially waiting down the vets for long periods to see the vet and during the teeth cleaning. However there are pet services available that will come straight to your home, which I really like the idea of. One teeth whiting pet service company that I came across and particularly like is Doggy Smile. They are based in LA and are a highly specialized & trained veterinary technicians. They pride themselves on only giving your pet the best non-anesthesia dental cleaning all from the comfort of your home. They have some brilliant reviews on there services too both Facebook and Yelp.

Sita S from Los Angeles said “I was looking for teeth cleaning on Yelp and I bumped to Doggie smile, I called many vet clinics they were booked or asking for $240-300 for a simple teeth cleaning service.I called Anna she worked on my schedule and showed up at my place used just a towel to wrap my dog and set him on her lap. She was so friedownload-3ndly with my dog, She really loves what she’s doing and the best part of it full teeth cleaning service cost me less then $100. In Less then 45 mins my dog breath was fresh and clean.Highly recommended.”

So if you are living in the the Los Angeles area and your dog needs their teeth cleaned professionally then this is definitely the place to call!


Also make sure to check out their facebook page here for the latest deals and advice:

Do you have pet insurance? Benefits of having Pet Insurance

Last week we looked at comparing pet insurance providers in the UK, however this week I thought we would look at the benefits of getting insurance for our pets.

Our pets are part of the family and we would be devastated if anything would happen to them. Therefore that is why it is essential to keep them protected in case something were to happen and those unexpected costs arise. Two-thirds of households in Australia own a pet such as a dog or car, however many do not have pet insurance. Therefore I have put this guide together to show you the benefits of getting pet insurance and what is recommended to be as the top 10 pet insurance providers to use for Australia.

Having pet insurance will leave you with piece of mind in case the day comes when you might need treatment for them in case of an accidentscreen-shot-2016-08-18-at-11-01-23-am or injury. . Along with paying any veterinary bills lot of pet insurance providers can also give you other benefits such as the loss or theft of your pet. If you pet were to go missing or someone were to steal your pet, then many pet insurance providers can help with advertising costs to find them. Check the pet insurance provider you are looking at beforehand to see if this is something you would like to be included.
Some good polices with pet insurance providers will also pay for treatment for your pets behavioral problems. So if your dog is playing up and you need help to keep him in line, then having pet insurance policy will cover this could be beneficial for you.

Liability cover is also a good to have just in case in the unfortunate event that you need to legally pay for costs that your pet may be responsible for. There are various different levels of cover for this as well from third party to full comprehensive. Check with the pet insurer you are looking for more details.

So which pet insurance provider should you go for? A handy website I found for finding thbow-wow-meow-pet-insurance-logo-largee best insurance providers in Australia is I particularly like this site as they show the benefits and disadvantages of the top insurance providers on the market. Additionally once you find a particular pet insurance provider that you would like to use, they also have a page stating all the offers that the pet insurance providers have when signing up.

Which Pet Insurance Provider to Use

We all want to protect our pets, however some things we can’t protect them from therefore it a good idea to make sure they are insured just in case something were to happen to them. It may seem like a costly added expensive, but there are many reasonable pet insurance providers available. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog is covered.However it is not always that simply, as I know myself it can be very hard to try and find the right insurance for your dog. An insurance that is good value for money but also is an insurance that you can rely on if trouble calls.

Pet Insurance is a growing market and there are always more and more pet insurance providers popping up but it is important to read the terms and conditions of the insurance provider thoroughly before joining. Some insurance providers with only insure your dog for a limited time period whilst others with insure your dog for life. Many will get you in the door with great joining up gimmicks but are not willing to pay out for your pet whdalmation-at-veten needed. So it is important to find the right one to suit your dog and there potential future health requirements.

One site that I highly recommend is Shield My Pet, they offer reviews on many of the available pet insurance providers on the market. This includes unbiased reviews on many of the top pet insurers available, so you can make a better informative decision beforehand. This is definitely worth looking at before signing up with an insurance provider as they are always updating their site with reviews on new pet insurers.

They also offer some helpful information on what they believe are the top three best insurance providers on the market to go with. One of these pet insurers currently is PetPlan, this is who we are with now and really wish we had been with these from the start. In addition they offer some useful guides on pet insurance and further detail on how pet insurance is worked out, so I highly recommend reading these if you have new dog and are new to pet insurance.

Whichever pet insurance provider you decide to use remember to fully read their policy to make sure it is right for you and your dog.


Learn How to Groom Your Dog

Grooming your dog is hugely important for ensuring good health for your dog, not only does it make our dogs feel and look good but also provides them with a healthy coat as well as protecting them against a build-up of grease to stop bacteria building up on the coat.

So depending on the type of dog you own with determine how often you will need to groom your dog. If you have a good that molts a lot they will need grooming quite often. This can often become quite costly for owners as regular trips to the grooming parlor is often needed. However learning to clip your dog from home can be a much more cost effect way to keeping your dog groomed and ensuring them that cleaner coat on a regular without breaking the bank. Your dog might also feel a lot more comfortable you grooming your dog rather than a stranger. In addition, you might also find that by clipping your dog yourself you will gain a stronger connection between you and them. Although it can be quite nerve racking at the thought of attempting to do this yourself. But actually is really quite simply to do and there are various videos online via youtube with guides to teaching you how to do it.12022011195044andis super

It can be also be hard to find which dog clippers are best suited for you and your dog. Therefore to find out more information on what are the best dog clippers to use on your dog, I would highly recommend taking at look at the dog helpful dog blog, as they offer some great advice of the best dog clippers available on the market. This is very helpful if you are new to clipping your dog from home and are unsure on which dog clippers to purchase first. They also have a particularly useful video on their blog on how to groom your dog yourself at home.

Dog Helpful is also great at offering all sorts of tips, tricks and reviews on a variety of dog related issues you may have, not just grooming and care but offer brilliant tips on training & behavior, dog food, dog breeders as well as top dog names. I have found this dog blog particularly useful and also find their advice very informative so it most definitely worth checking it out.