Keeping your dogs nails short is essential to making sure your dog is kept comfortable. In addition ii can keep your floor free from scratches. But clipping your dogs nails is not always that simple and somewhat nerve racking for many dog owners and therefore as a result dog owners put off this task off in fear they may hurt their dog. What’s more, some dogs are not fans of having their nails trimmed and this is another reason dog owners put off the dreaded job. However with the right advice and clippers many pet owners can successfully clip their nails.

Choosing a good pair of nail clippers is first on the list. So where do you find the best dog nail grinder to use on your dog? Well Amazon is a great place to look, but as there are many of dog nail clippers to choose from, it can often be hard for dog owners to choose which of these is the best.  Toppet Lovers is a great blog that offers reviews on the best professional dog nail clippers so it is a fantastic place for owners to visit when deciding which one they may want to purchase.

Secondly having your dogs favourite treat ready for them is always handy, as dogs are a lot more likely to sit still and keep calm for owners if they know they will get a reward at the end. Especially if they know it is something that will taste good!

Thirdly choosing the right place to use their dog nail grinder is also important, as having a place where your dog feels comfortable and relaxed will mean your dog will be a lot calmer during the procedure. For example their bed or in a safe area of your home.

Furthermore the time you decide to carry out the nail clipping will determine how smoothly it will go. For example it is advisable for pet owners to clip their dogs nails after they have they have just eaten their evening meal and have been out for a long walk, as they are a lot more likely to keep still while their nails are being cut.

If you do cut your dogs nail too short and it begins to bleed, do not panic just apply pressure to the tip of the nail and it will soon resolve itself.

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