Keepsakes of those special moments are something that we all want, whether it is the people or the animals in our lives. This is why it is a great idea to learn how to take better pictures of your pet. Do those annoying flashbacks where your fur balls eyes seem more like a scene from a horror film have you fed up? We also have plenty of red eyed pet pics so we know exactly how you feel. Here are six photography tops to consider as you photograph your pets that will provide you with great pics you will want others to see and will want to store in your photo albums for future reference.

1. Go Down To Their Level
What our pest look like at our level is something that we all know. Find out what they look like on their level, get on the ground with your dog, lay next to them, crawl around with them and snap some shots from their perspective.

2. Opt For Natural Lighting
Unless you are going for a Pet Cemetery look for your furry friends, use natural lighting. We all have at least one picture of our pets featuring red and scary eyes. To avoid this, use natural light. Also, your pets could be frightened by a sudden burst of light coming from your camera; you want your pet to be as comfortable as possible so avoid startling them.

3. Show off Their Character
It can be tricky to come up with photo shoot ideas for your dog. A great way to capture the true nature of your pet on film is by focusing on showcasing their real character. If your dog is lazy, capture a pic of him or her mid yawn. If your cat performs a really cool trick, capture him or her performing it.

4. Close Ups
Show off your pets details. Paws, eyes, ears and hair are always great features to capture. I once knew a dog that had a nose shaped like a heart, which would have been an excellent feature to capture. That being said, if you really take the time to examine your pet and find it’s most unique and photogenic features, anything can be turned into a cute pic. Here are some tips.

5. Timing is Everything
If you want a playful photo shoot with your pet, do not photograph him or her right after their nap. Set up a scheduled time where you know you will be able to capture the shots you want. If around seven your cat has his or her run around the house in berserk mode and you want to capture it, make sure that as the clock strikes, your camera is handy.

6. Incorporate Props

If you are in need of some ideas to photograph you cat or dog, use a favorite toy to really get your dog’s attention or a string to intrigue your cat. Treats also encourage better behavior, however don’t be cruel, you should eventually let them have their toy or treat. You can also consider posing your dog with a Santa hat for a card shot during the jolly seasons or even cuddled up with his or her stuffed cat toy.
7. Post on Instagram
Next thing, get your posts live on Instagram. Your account is the perfect place to showcase your animal and get people to see it. Ensure to use hashtags to help the post along and to make it more easily searchable. Additionally, if the account is new buy some Instagram followers for the account to make it look more popular and to entice people to like it. This will all help ensure the image is popular.
These tips are there to help you take better images and get greater exposure for your animal
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