Introducing a pet to the family can be a fun and exciting time. However training of a new pet such as a cat or dog can be tricky and take a lot of work especially if they are babies. There tends to many accidents before pet owners actually get their pet trained to go and do their business at the right place.

The issue that many pet owners face during this process is reminding their pet that they are not allowed to do their business in that spot. Once a dog  or cat has soiled or peed in a certain spot, they tend to re-visit that area and do it in the same place in order to re-mark their spot. This is something that is their natural instinct in cats and dogs and something they cannot help but do. However this can leave a lot of pet owners frustrated as their odour often leave smells on their carpet or rugs they are unable to get rid of. This can then sometimes result in them giving up the pet and unfortunately taking them down the shelter.

However a new product designed in the United Stated may have the answer to these issues that pet owners face and may actually lead to happier relationships between pets and their owner. As a result this could lead to a decrease in amount of animals ending up in shelters across the country.

The product is called Get Serious! and has been designed for both cats and dogs. The Get Serious! pet odour works by extracting the pheromone scent that actually attracts animals to as well as cleaning the marked area to get rid of the smell us humans pick up on. Currently this is the only cleaner on the market that can do this and is truly revolutionary for pet owners. Since launching this product, the product has had some fantastic reviews from its customers.  411mp58eell-_sy355_

Nursekitty from Tacoma says “This is the best stuff EVER!! Gets out vomit, pee, and poop. Gets rid of all the smells, and no residue! Works great even on white carpet!!! ”

Another customer from Redding says “I won’t use anything but this product to remove pet stains. I first started using this to remove cat vomit. Now I found this is the only product that removes both cat and dog vomit. I don’t even bother with any other product. I don’t even mind paying postage to have it shipped. ”

The product is very reasonably priced and available from a number of sites including Doctors Fosters and Smith. You can purchase Get Serious! for cats here and also for dogs here. However if you are interested in stocking the product you can contact them directly through their website at

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