Whether we have a cat or a dog, we all love our pets dearly. I know owning two doggie’s myself they are my world. As a result I am dreading that day, when they have to move on in the world and go to doggie heaven.
I have always thought it would be great to have memorabilia of them, of course we can have photos of them as keepsake, however having additional keepsakes would be a great added benefit. Especially as talking to family and friends they have always felt the same way. After all our pets are part of the family and when they pass away and its like loosing part of the family.

Therefore wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a replica of your pet as toy to remind you of them? As well as it being nice for you, I think it is a great family remembrance especially for small children who might find the death of a pet more difficult.

So with this in mind I recently came across a place that do just this. KidsCreationToLife offer replicas of your pet through a plush toy. They bring your dog to life through a photo of them. The process works by simply sending the company photoS of your pet and once ordered the waiting begins. Once completed they will send you a handmade 16″ plush toy replicated as your pet. You also have the option of choosing whether you would like your plush to be sitting, standing or laying down, which is brilliant!
KidsCreationToLife have also had some great feedback from customers on their plush toys as well. One customer wrote “Very well made! Stuffed so it is soft to hug, and perfect colours! Arrived very quickly, and was very much worth the price!”

Therefore if you have a dog that has recently passed away and would like something cosy that all the family can uses a remembrance, then I would definitely recommend doing this.


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