If you have a beloved family dog, then you know the joy of playing fetch and taking him for walks. He is as much a part of the family as everyone else, and he really makes you love animals. Cat owners have these same feelings, while also understanding their value for pest control. But, did you know that dogs can often be a deterrent for pests too? Especially rodents? Well, it’s your lucky day, because you’re going to learn all about it from a pest control expert and dog lover so that you can make use of the information for yourself.
If you’re considering buying a family dog and want one that will double as a rat deterrent, you’re best off getting a terrier of some kind, particularly a Jack Russell Terrier. These dogs (along with most terriers) are bred to look for mice and rats and then drive them from your garden so that your property is pest-free.

Another option is a Dachshund. These are a beautiful breed, and you will find them to be a better match to your lifestyle if you want a quieter dog. Terriers tend to be a bit hyper, whereas a Dachshund isratterrier893355_1280 gentler, and will be content to curl up with you without too much persuasion. If you are looking for a lap dog in the true sense that also doubles as a mouser, try a Papillon. These guys are great for mice as well as moles and other burrowing creatures that will make a home for themselves in your garden.

Terriers are great mousers for an active family that will give a Jack Russell Terrier the attention that is required for their happiness, whereas the family that is slower and more comfortable with a puppy who will entertain the kids and not be ripping up furniture, will find that a Dachshund or a Papillon is much better suited. They will keep the peace in terms of personality as well as keeping the property free of pests.

If you are a pet lover and are looking to get rid of rodents, a dog is something that you should seriously consider! It’ll give you a friendly face, companionship, and save you both worry and money on pest control. Using animals for effective pest control is definitely not a new idea, and while a dog is certainly not a guarantee that no pests will enter your home, it is a solid way to make sure their number is as low as possible.

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