Who doesn’t like coming home to their dog wagging their tail everywhere and jumping on you knocking everything over in their path? The look in their eyes knowing that you mean so much to them and you are their world. If you are like me, just thinking about it warms your heart. Sometimes when you are staring at your dog do you ever wonder what kind of emotions your dog is really having? This is where the wag affect comes into play. We tend to see our dog’s tail in two ways either the happy wagging where their butt is out of control or the down between their legs depressed look on their face when they know they did something you didn’t like. It seems like those are the main two emotions dogs tend to have on their wagging butt, but scientist have foundLabrador-Retriever-Dogs out that the direction of the tail wag tell a lot about the dog’s mood. If the tail start from the right and is really rapid with the speed, this usually means excitement and happy in your dog. You will see this emotion in dogs most of the time if they are taken care of.

Another butt emotion is the tail straight up in the air wagging slowly and your dog looking straight into your eyes. This mean your dog wants your attention, usually this happens when sitting on the couch waiting TV or whenever you ain’t playing with them. As the tail keeps going down this can either mean being upset or being protective. Owners can tell the different between these actions by the ways their dog is standing or if they start to growl. If the tail is only slightly down and wagging really slow, the dog is showing that it can’t make up it’s mind to let the mail man pass along or chase him down the driveway. If the tail starts to go straight down or even curl between their leg and no wagging, this either means that they are scare of the situation between another dog or showing you are the master and know they did something wrong. It is amazing how much emotion can be shown with a wag of a tail or the position of their butt! Just always remember to remind your puppy how much you mean to them and get that motor of a butt going as fast as it can!


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