We all know there is a huge craze for dog clothes and most people think that this rise in popularity has been a recent obsession. However there is evidence to suggest that dog clothes actually dates as far back as Egyptian pre-dynastic period where people used collars to garnish their dogs.

There is further evidence that proposes dog clothing was used in the days of King Arthur back in 520 AD where the military placed protective clothing on their dogs in order to keep them safe from attacks or warm from the cold environment.

During the 1400-1500 however more people began to be able to afford dogs as pets as the middle class become more established and dogs were no longer just for Royalty and Nobles. It was during this period that materials such as leathers became available and therefore it grew fashionable for people to make leather dog collars so people could use as collars for their dogs.


Since then Royalties such as Louis XV (1710-1774) had a King Charles Cavalier that he liked to dress up and Queen Victoria in 1833 wrote about how she liked to pamper her spaniel by dressing him up.

It could be argued that many dog owners these days use dog clothing on their dogs for the same reasons. However it is much more fashionable in modern days and shows such as The Only Way is Essex have sparked growing demands for people to purchase small breed dogs such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. Even though larger dogs such as Labrador’s can wear dog clothes, it is much more popular for people to dress up smaller dogs.

But there is no doubt that today dog clothes don’t just serve our dogs a useful purpose but are more trendy than ever and it doesn’t look like the dog clothing industry will go out of fashion any time soon with the increasing demand seen for it, a lot of people are calling the dog fashion world “recession proof”!

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